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one hour, hands-on
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check the cheatsheet


  • setup (5m)
  • nix-env package management (10m)
  • nix-shell isolated environments (10m)
  • NixOS declarative operating system configuration
    • introduction (5m)
    • service (5m)
    • network (5m)
    • user (5m)
  • conclusion (5m)


package management with nix-env

update package list sudo nix-channel --update
search nix search hello
live search
install nix-env -i hello run with hello
uninstall nix-env -e hello running hello fails
rollback nix-env --rollback hello is back

isolated environments with nix-shell

  • start a shell in an environment with some packages available:
    • nix-shell -p toilet
      • toilet hello
      • Ctrl+D to exit nix-shell
      • toilet hello
    • nix-shell -p toilet --run 'toilet --gay hello
    • python example
  • nix-shell on its own will load default.nix or shell.nix from the current directory, where you can define an environment for a project

NixOS declarative operating system configuration

  • edit /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
    • eg. add services.openssh.enable = true; before the last }
  • nixos-rebuild switch to the new configuration
  • see option's current value and documentation by running nixos-option services.openssh.enable
  • search, click the result, click the link after "Declared in:"
  • nixos-rebuild switch --rollback to previous configuration

let's try a few configuration options:





  • networking.hostname = "darkstar";
  • networking.firewall.allowedTCPPorts = [ 22 80 8000 ];


  • declarative - say what you want, not how to get there
  • safe (atomic, rollback, isolated, consistent)
  • reliable (deterministic, reproducible)
  • fast (lazy, perfect cache)
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