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Nix Package Management

action Ubuntu Nix difference
update package list sudo apt update sudo nix-channel --update
install sudo apt install <package> nix-env -i <package> no root, atomic, local env
upgrade installed sudo apt upgrade nix-env -u no root, atomic, local env
remove sudo apt remove <package> nix-env -e no root, atomic, local env
undo last operation ... nix-env --rollback no root, atomic, local env
list installed dpkg -l nix-env -q local env
search apt search <query> nix search <query> use

Nix Isolated Environments

command action
nix-shell -p <packages> start shell in env with <packages>
nix-shell start shell in the env defined by shell.nix or default.nix in current dir
nix-shell --pure same, but outside env is inaccessible

NixOS Configuration Management

command action notes
edit /etc/nixos/configuration.nix define new system configuration
nixos-rebuild switch switch to the configuration defined in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix atomic*
nixos-rebuild switch --rollback switch to previous configuration atomic*
nixos-option <option> show option's current value and documentation
search options

*services can fail to start

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