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pnut logo is a short-messaging social network. The messages have a limited length, and you can follow folks, and be followed by folks. It's similar to and Twitter.

The utility of is its extensibility. You will need an app from a developer to do even the simplest things (creating a post!), but developers have the potential to build programs that let you do more creative things, too.

Be part of the community

I wanted to contribute to the service. So I designed a logo.

My idea is to combine the peanut, which is how pnut (/ˈpiːˌnʌt/) is pronounced, and a message bubble, as pnut is mainly a short-messaging social network. is also some more, but this is even not unpresented, as you'll find more if you remove the peanut's shell (a lame metaphor is better than no metaphor. At least I hope so).

The logo makes use of Christian Robertson's Roboto Slab.

The iterations of the pnut logo

All files as PNG and SVG. Versions for bright and versions for dark background (NEG);

Color is #008C99

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A logo for the social network



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