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(ns guiftw.swt
"Functions for Happy SWT User."
(:require (guiftw [tree :as tree]
[props :as props]))
(:import (org.eclipse.swt SWT)
(org.eclipse.swt.widgets Display MessageBox)))
(defn swt-create
"Instantiates object in SWT-specific manner."
[ctor style parent parent-style]
(apply ctor parent (-> style props/get-value :specials :*cons)))
(defmacro swt
"Parses GUI tree (struct) and return a function that creates GUI
described by struct. For syntax of struct look into guiftw.tree
Uses *cons special property which value is a list of constructor
parameters without first one (the parent), which is added
`(tree/parse-gui swt-create ~struct))
(defn ok?
"Check if w is not null and not disposed."
(and w (not (.isDisposed w))))
(defn default-display
"Get default display"
(defn swt-loop
"Loop that dispatches SWT events. Catches all exceptions and simply
prints stack traces."
(let [display (default-display)]
(if-not (.readAndDispatch display)
(.sleep display))
(catch Exception e (.printStackTrace e)))
(if (or (and shell (not (.isDisposed shell)))
(not shell))
(recur shell)
(.dispose display))))
([] (swt-loop nil)))
(defn swt-thread
"Start SWT loop in background. Should be first thing to invoke when
interacting with SWT in REPL to avoid wrong thread access
(.start (Thread. swt-loop)))
(defn async-exec
"Put asynchronously function to evaluate in SWT in near future."
[f & args]
(.asyncExec (default-display) #(apply f args)))
(defn dispose-safely [w]
(async-exec #(if (ok? w) (.dispose w))))
(defn message
"Create standard SWT message box."
[title body]
(async-exec #(-> (default-display) .getShells first
(MessageBox. (reduce bit-or [SWT/ICON_INFORMATION, SWT/OK]))
(doto (.setText title) (.setMessage body) .open))))