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GUI FTW is declarative GUI library for Clojure. You can mix with any client GUI toolkit such as Swing and SWT (those two are supported, but it's easy to add more (as easy as writing one simple function)).

Being declarative means that you don't create your GUI by hand instantating widgets and setting their properties with setXxx(value) anymore. GUI FTW! is there to hide that boilerplate from you.

Here's what this wiki has for you:

  1. Overview (in case you're WTFing right now)
  2. Installation (like if it's hard or something)
  3. One Tutorial For All (featuring Swing and SWT side-by-side on they way to Mordor)
  4. Swing-specific Stuff
  5. SWT-specific Stuff
  6. Using GUIFTW! In Plain Java Project (not so hardcore as you might think)
  7. Porting GUI FTW!