Helper functions and macros for building GUIs with SWT and Swing in Clojure.
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Little GUI Helper

Helper functions and macros to ease creating GUIs with Swing and SWT in Clojure. At the moment main focus is on SWT.


  1. Provide wrapper macros to create GUIs declarative way. Analogic to HTML/CSS/JS:
    1. Object grouping by group name (like classes in HTML).
    2. Identifing objects by unique ids (like in HTML).
    3. Cascade styling.
    4. Wrapping event listeners with Clojure functions.
  2. Implementation should be as much as possible independent of SWT and Swing details. No reference to this libraries is top goal.
  3. Do as much as possible at compile time (macros). This is needed for faster application startup.
  4. At the same time, allow to change the GUI at runtime.

In fact, provided macros should provide this features:

  1. Abstract way of defining object tree (e.g. window containting panels containing buttons).
  2. Abstract way of defining object properties by using cascade styles (group of properties).
  3. Accessing groups of objects and objects with unique ids at runtime.


MIT. Included in file COPYING.