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Sharp Vector Graphics

A library and command line utility to convert bitmaps to SVGs.


  • SVG is currently the only static cross-browser way to scale up pixelated graphics with preserving sharpness of the pixels that works across browsers.
  • Converting to SVG might be useful in other scenarios, for example when we want to manipulate the image in real time.


  • converts gifs to SVGs
  • colour! (one path for each colour)
  • fancy edge-tracing algorithm to maximally optimise output size


Check out the icons at :-) . They're included in this repo and you can generate them by running npm test. (Included only for testing purposes, so please don't use them anywhere.)

Usage (CLI):

sharpvg file.gif > file.svg

Usage (node, simple):

var sharpvg = require("sharpvg")
var svg = sharpvg(fs.readFileSync("file.gif"))

Usage (browserified, so should work with AMD and as a global, gif decoding is not available):

var image = canvas.getContext("2d").getImageData(0, 0, 100, 100);
var svg = sharpvg(, image.width, image.height);

Usage (node, step by step):

var gif = require("sharpvg/gif")
var svg = require("sharpvg/svg")

// raw file buffer:
var raw = fs.readFileSync("file.gif")

// 2-dim array of 1s and 0s:
var bitmap = gif(raw)

// producing svg is a separate step so we can take the bitmap from
// different source
var image = svg(bitmap)

Planned features:

  • PNG input
  • animated gif support

LICENSE: Source code: MIT, see COPYING, icons (gif files in spec directory): only for testing purposes.