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# NeMo v0.7.2

NeMo is a high-performance spiking neural network simulator
which simulates networks of Izhikevich neurons on CUDA-
enabled GPUs. With high-end NVIDIA graphics cards, NeMo can 
achieve real-time simulation of 500.000s of realistically
connected spiking neurons. NeMo is a C++ class library, 
with additional interfaces for pure C, Python, and Matlab.

If you are a new user of NeMo please consider sending a
short email to the author with a brief description of who
you are and what you use it for. This would be greatly
useful in justifying continued funding of the project.

See INSTALL for build instructions and COPYING for licence

Additional documentation can be found on the project website


Please use the 'help' forum, bug tracker, and feature request
trackers found here:


Update announcements and other information for users can be
found on the mailing list. Sign up to the list at


### Credits

NeMo was originally written by [Andreas K. Fidjeland]("mailto:andreas.fidjeland@imperial.ac.uk) and it is now 
maintained by the [Computational Neurodynamics group](http://neurodynamics.doc.ic.ac.uk/ "Group's homepage"), of
[Imperial College London](www.imperial.ac.uk "College's homepage").