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General Data Protection Regulation

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The General Data Protection Regulation module gives end user visibility to the data stored about themself and aims to help site admins follow the guidelines and legislation set by the EU.

Please note: Installing and using this module pack does not mean the site becomes GDPR compliant. GDPR affects the whole organisation, this module aims to help to understand its Drupal relations and tries to provide helper tools to make the site GDPR compliant.

For information about GDPR:


Since PHP 5.6 reached its end of life on 31 Dec. 2018, for security reasons, the required minimum PHP version has been changed to 7.1. Read more here:

This module requires the following outside of Drupal core.


  • Install the General Data Protection Regulation module as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. Visit for further information.


1. Navigate to Administration > Extend and enable the module and its
2. Navigate to Administration > People > Permissions and enable permissions
   for appropriate users.
3. Navigate to Administration > Configuration > GDPR > Checklist. A
   checklist is available to help make sure the site is GDPR compliant.
4. Navigate to Administration > Configuration > GDPR > SQL Dump settings to
   configure which data is to be sanitized. Check the checkboxes for each
   table column containing sensitive data. Save configuration.

Current Features:

  • Allow logged in user to see all raw data stored about themself (user entity)
  • Allow user to initiate "forget me" action from site administrators
  • Checklist for site admin (recommend modules like cookie consent, check if there is privacy policy page, etc.)

Planned Features:

  • Make sure user can rectify all data about themself
  • Allow user to remove the account (content is not removed)
  • More items and recommendations to checklist
  • Add Drush hooks to sanitize data when syncing databases
  • Make API for other contrib modules to announce user data stored


Supporting organizations:

Initial kick-off, MVP for D7, funding further development

Porting MVP to D8, further development


On -

Feel free to open new issues or comment on existing ones. New ideas and patches are welcome!

On -


  • Create an issue for your feature/fix on if it doesn't already exist
  • Fork the repo
  • Create a new branch for your feature
    • Naming: base-branch/type/branch-name
      • e.g 8.x-1.x/feature/my-feature-branch
      • e.g 7.x-1.x/fix/typo-fixes
    • Please try to use a short and descriptive branch name
  • Create a PR
    • Please include a link to the issue in the comments
    • Please try to rebase your branch before creating the PR

Additional requests:

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