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digraph GeekFeminismFamilyTree {
The following shapes are used for different types of things:
oval = geek feminist/women-in-tech/etc organisation
rectangle = orgs that aren't particularly feminist, but are influential
diamond = event/incident (cf. GF wiki "Timeline of Incidents")
And this section lays out the history in terms of years.
ranksep="1.0 equally";
node [shape=plaintext, fontsize=16];
past -> "2000-2004" -> 2005 -> 2006 -> 2007 -> 2008 -> 2009 -> 2010 -> 2011 -> 2012 -> 2013 -> 2014 -> unknowndate;
{ rank = same; past; livejournal; wiscon; linuxconfau; "Anita Borg Institute"; systers; GHC; "Tiptree Award"}
{ rank = same; "2000-2004"; linuxchix; sfruby; debianwomen, "Unlocking\nthe Clubhouse"}
{ rank = same; 2005; railsconf2005; devchix; blogher; speakerswiki; girlgeekdinners; gnomewomen; gsoc; }
{ rank = same; 2006; wikichix; ubuntuwomen; opw; }
{ rank = same; 2007; haecksen; shesgeeky; noisebridge; oscon2007; "code 'n' splode"}
{ rank = same; 2008; "SFF CAHP"; geekfeminism; dreamwidth; otw; }
{ rank = same; 2009; "Standing Out\nin the Crowd"; racefail; couchdb; railsbridge; "open source\nboobs project"; backupproject; osbridge; WoMoz; PyStar; "Boston Python Workshop"}
{ rank = same; 2010; "apachecon assault"; backupribbons; "Women Who Code"}
{ rank = same; 2011; "Ada Initiative"; "GF/TAI AHP"; owoot; blackgirlscode; "Wikimedia\nGendergap Project" }
{ rank = same; 2012; adacamp; railsgirls; "Wikimedia\nFriendly Space Policy"; "Skeptic AHPs"; "PyCon AHP"; "Feminist Frequency vids"; transcodesf; libtechwomen; "anarchafeminist\nhacker hive"; "Ashe Dryden"; hackbright; hackerschool; hackermoms; "Women Who Hack" }
{ rank = same; 2013; seattleattic; flux; doubleunion; rgsoc; callbackwomen; "Scalzi's AHP pledge"; transh4ck; transtech; "females in\nhackerspaces email"; "Ada Developers Academy"; ascend}
{ rank = same; 2014; MVC; "#CoCPledge"; }
{ rank = same; unknowndate; }
This section lays out different communities and colour codes them.
/* pan-geekdom/"open stuff" orgs */
geekfeminism [style=filled, fillcolor=indianred1];
"Ada Initiative" [style=filled, fillcolor=indianred1];
adacamp [style=filled, fillcolor=indianred1];
"GF/TAI AHP" [style=filled, fillcolor=indianred1];
shesgeeky [style=filled, fillcolor=indianred1];
/* hacker spaces */
noisebridge [style=filled, fillcolor=cornflowerblue];
doubleunion [style=filled, fillcolor=cornflowerblue];
flux [style=filled, fillcolor=cornflowerblue];
seattleattic [style=filled, fillcolor=cornflowerblue];
"females in\nhackerspaces email" [style=filled, fillcolor=cornflowerblue];
"anarchafeminist\nhacker hive" [style=filled, fillcolor=cornflowerblue];
"hackermoms" [style=filled, fillcolor=cornflowerblue];
/* open source */
linuxchix [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
linuxconfau [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
gnomewomen [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
debianwomen [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
ubuntuwomen [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
haecksen [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
owoot [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
oscon2007 [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
"Standing Out\nin the Crowd" [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
osbridge [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
gsoc [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
opw [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
ascend [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
WoMoz [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
"apachecon assault" [style=filled, fillcolor=darkolivegreen3];
/* programming language and general programming communities */
railsconf2005 [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
devchix [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
railsbridge [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
PyStar [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
PyLadies [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
"Boston Python Workshop" [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink, shape=rectangle];
railsgirls [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
rgsoc [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
couchdb [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
sfruby [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
"PyCon AHP" [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
"code 'n' splode" [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
"Women Who Hack" [style=filled, fillcolor=lightpink];
/* tech industry generally */
systers [style=filled, fillcolor=burlywood1];
"Anita Borg Institute" [style=filled, fillcolor=burlywood1];
"Anita Borg" [style=filled, fillcolor=burlywood1];
GHC [style=filled, fillcolor=burlywood1];
girlgeekdinners [style=filled, fillcolor=burlywood1];
"Ashe Dryden" [style=filled, fillcolor=burlywood1];
MVC [style=filled, fillcolor=burlywood1];
/* hacker schools and academies */
hackerschool [style=filled, fillcolor=lightyellow3];
hackbright [style=filled, fillcolor=lightyellow3];
"Ada Developers Academy" [style=filled, fillcolor=lightyellow3];
/* Wikis */
wikichix [style=filled, fillcolor=lightcyan];
"Wikimedia\nGendergap Project" [style=filled, fillcolor=lightcyan];
"Wikimedia\nFriendly Space Policy" [style=filled, fillcolor=lightcyan];
/* SFF fandom */
wiscon [style=filled, fillcolor=mediumorchid1];
"Tiptree Award" [style=filled, fillcolor=mediumorchid1];
racefail [style=filled, fillcolor=mediumorchid1];
"open source\nboobs project" [style=filled, fillcolor=mediumorchid1];
backupproject [style=filled, fillcolor=mediumorchid1];
backupribbons [style=filled, fillcolor=mediumorchid1];
"SFF CAHP" [style=filled, fillcolor=mediumorchid1];
"Scalzi's AHP pledge" [style=filled, fillcolor=mediumorchid1];
And now, finally, the connections between different groups
/* Anita Borg Institute related stuff */
"Anita Borg" [shape=hexagon]
"Anita Borg" -> systers;
"Anita Borg" -> "Anita Borg Institute";
"Anita Borg Institute" -> "GHC"
systers -> linuxchix;
/* Other individuals */
"Ashe Dryden" [shape=hexagon]
geekfeminism -> "Ashe Dryden" [penwidth=3];
/* GGD explicitly identify as non-feminist
* */
girlgeekdinners [shape=rectangle]
/* Skud set up the GF wiki in 2008, mostly inspired by earlier "women
* in open source" communities such as linuxchix */
linuxchix -> geekfeminism;
/* in 2009, Racefail introduced Skud and other GF wiki contributors to
* a lot of new ideas */
racefail -> geekfeminism;
racefail [shape=diamond];
/* in 2010, the Noirin Plunkett's assault at ApacheCon triggered
* discussions about anti-harassment that would lead to the formation
* of the Ada Initiative */
"apachecon assault" -> "Ada Initiative";
"apachecon assault" [shape=diamond];
/* GF (esp. volunteer burnout) was an influence on TAI */
geekfeminism -> "Ada Initiative" [penwidth=3];
/* The first TAI discussions were held at LCA */
linuxconfau -> "Ada Initiative";
linuxconfau [shape=rectangle];
/* TAI wrote the first conf anti-harassment poilcy in response to the
* apachecon assault */
"apachecon assault" -> "GF/TAI AHP"
"geekfeminism" -> "GF/TAI AHP" [penwidth=3];
"Ada Initiative" -> "GF/TAI AHP" [penwidth=3];
/* The Con Anti-Harassment Policy (out of SFF fandom) also inspired it */
/* Vaguely related: Open Source Boob Project and Backup Project */
"open source\nboobs project" -> backupproject
"open source\nboobs project" [shape=diamond]
"SFF CAHP" -> backupproject
backupproject -> backupribbons;
/* The GF/TAI AHP inspired the PyCon variant */
"GF/TAI AHP" -> "PyCon AHP" [penwidth=3];
/* The GF/TAI AHP inspired the skeptic variants */
"GF/TAI AHP" -> "Skeptic AHPs" [penwidth=3];
"GF/TAI AHP" -> "#CoCPledge" [penwidth=3];
/* Sumana acknowledges GF as inspiration for Wikimedia\nfriendly space
policy */
"GF/TAI AHP" -> "Wikimedia\nFriendly Space Policy" [penwidth=3];
"Wikimedia\nGendergap Project" -> "Wikimedia\nFriendly Space Policy";
/* Causation here is less clear. */
"GF/TAI AHP" -> "Scalzi's AHP pledge" [penwidth=3, label="?"];
"Ada Initiative" -> adacamp [penwidth=3];
/* Adacamp was inspired in some ways by Wiscon, eg. accessibility */
wiscon -> adacamp [label="a11y policies"];
/* and then open source bridge picked up some of that from adacamp */
adacamp -> osbridge [label="a11y policies", penwidth=3];
/* Hackerspaces! */
"females in\nhackerspaces email" [shape="diamond"];
"females in\nhackerspaces email" -> seattleattic;
"females in\nhackerspaces email" -> doubleunion;
noisebridge [shape="rectangle"];
noisebridge -> "anarchafeminist\nhacker hive"
noisebridge -> doubleunion;
"anarchafeminist\nhacker hive" -> doubleunion;
adacamp -> flux [penwidth=3];
seattleattic -> flux [penwidth=3];
/* DoubleUnion came out of AdaCamp SF in 2013 */
adacamp -> doubleunion [penwidth=3];
geekfeminism -> seattleattic [penwidth=3];
/* pretty sure hackermoms was also an inspiration? */
hackermoms -> doubleunion;
seattleattic -> doubleunion;
/* shanley and amelia met at a doubleunion event then started MVC */
doubleunion -> MVC [penwidth=3];
/* Various early women-in-open-source mailing lists etc */
linuxchix -> debianwomen;
debianwomen -> ubuntuwomen;
/* Direct ancestry, because Hanna Wallach did debianwomen first and
* then GNOME Women, and was never a big participant in LinuxChix*/
debianwomen -> gnomewomen;
haecksen -> owoot;
/* Wikichix was named after/inspired by Linuxchix */
linuxchix -> wikichix;
/* I presume wikichiz was an influence on the gendergap project? */
wikichix -> "Wikimedia\nGendergap Project";
/* Gnome Outreach Program for Women, now FOSS OPW */
gnomewomen -> opw;
/* "The Outreach Program for Women (OPW) was inspired by Google's
* Summer of Code and by how few women applied for it."
* via (why can't I include double slashes in a comment?)
gsoc -> opw;
gsoc [shape=rectangle]
/* opw inspired project ascend -- per Lukas Blakk */
opw -> ascend;
/* LinuxChix inspired the Haecksen miniconf at LCA */
linuxchix -> haecksen;
linuxconfau -> haecksen;
/* Both creations of Mary Gardiner's, one of the inputs to AdaCamp is
what wasn't possible with Haecksen */
haecksen -> adacamp;
/* RailsBridge happened in response to the CouchDB incident at
* GoGaRuCo */
couchdb -> railsbridge;
couchdb [shape=diamond];
railsbridge -> PyStar;
"Boston Python Workshop" -> PyStar;
railsbridge -> railsgirls;
/* Lukas Blakk, personal communication */
GHC -> "Women Who Code"
"Women Who Code" -> PyLadies /* needs confirmation */
PyStar -> PyLadies
/* There's now a rails girls summer of code */
railsgirls -> rgsoc;
gsoc -> rgsoc;
wiscon -> racefail;
wiscon -> "Tiptree Award";
/* Livejournal (esp. their fail) inspired DW and OTW */
livejournal -> dreamwidth;
livejournal -> otw;
livejournal [shape=rectangle]
/* Dreamwidth and OTW inspired Skud's 2009 OSCON keynote */
dreamwidth -> "Standing Out\nin the Crowd";
otw -> "Standing Out\nin the Crowd";
/* GF blog came out of the "Standing Out\nin the Crowd" keynote, as a place to have
* ongoing conversations */
"Standing Out\nin the Crowd" -> geekfeminism;
oscon2007 -> "code 'n' splode";
oscon2007 [shape=rectangle];
"code 'n' splode" -> "Women Who Hack";
/* Trans*H4CK inspired the Transtech meetups
* */
transh4ck -> transtech;
/* Speaker's wiki ( came out of BlogHer
* '05 and is supported by She's Geeky */
blogher -> speakerswiki;
shesgeeky -> speakerswiki;
/* Desi McAdam started DevChix in 2005 with initial membership from user groups and RailsConf 2005 */
/* After seeing few women at SFRuby, Sarah Mei worked with DevChix folks organizing RailsBridge on the DevChix wiki */
railsconf2005 -> devchix;
linuxchix -> devchix;
devchix -> railsbridge;
sfruby -> railsbridge;
sfruby [shape=rectangle];
railsconf2005 [shape=rectangle];
/* hackerschool was influenced by Unlocking the Clubhouse */
"Unlocking\nthe Clubhouse" -> hackerschool;
/* and by Ashe */
"Ashe Dryden" -> hackerschool [penwidth=3];
/* Ada Developers Academy influenced by Railsbridge */
railsbridge -> "Ada Developers Academy";