Grab page titles from Wikipedia & mash them up into plausible scifi novel titles to display on a web page.
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Silly scifi novel titles uses the Requests library to grab a list of titles of wiki pages in the Electromagnetism category, filter out everything that isn't a two-word title, make sets out of the first and second words of each title, and then spit out ten mix-and-match nonsense titles. Then Flask should spit that into the title parameter for the template in titles.html. Every page reload makes another call to the API and thus delivers a fresh set of fake physics-sounding phrases. Further explanation:

No Maintenance Intended

Possible ways to expand this:

  1. Add options for the reader to ask for biology or geology phrases
  2. Add real phrases and make a game challenging the reader to tell true from fake
  3. Grab author names and use Queneau assembly to offer mashed-up bylines as well, e.g., "Optical Reluctance by Vandana Bujold"