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A Unity 3D learning project
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Source Lightwave


A game built in Unity 3D used as a learning project for a bit of fun during a holiday at home. Steer your Cloudship ellipse through a procedurally generated sandy world of weather systems.

A screenshot of the game running as of version 0.13

It's a work in progress!

A scruffy set of scribbles that make up my design document


Download the latest release from the Releases Tab. Open the zip file and run the exe.


Camera Controls

  • 🖱️ Right mouse button - rotates the view
  • 🖱️ Mouse wheel - zoom in and out

Flight Mode

  • space fire cannons
  • w increase EOT ahead (forward)
  • a turn left
  • s decrease EOT astern (backwards)
  • d turn right
  • b toggle build/flight mode (stops controls)
  • F1 toggle camera between third person, cinematic and bridge.

Build Mode

  • w select next building
  • a select previous building
  • Hold left mouse button down Place building, let go to leave it there
  • Click and drag left mouse button Move building
  • Click and hold left mouse button and move building off the Cloudship to delete
  • Q and E to rotate building.

Built With

☁️ 0.24

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