A WebApp built with AmpersandJS and RiotJS
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A demo WebApp built with AmpersandJS & RiotJS

AmpersandJS parts

  • Router
  • Views, Pages & View-Switcher
  • Models
  • Ampersand-App Singleton

RiotJS parts

  • Custom UI elements
  • Virtual DOM
  • Templates
  • RiotControl (a Flux-like Event-Controller/Dispatcher)


This is just a demo but at least a functional one. 😎

  • It shows a Login page (enter anything)
  • uses a real, JSON-based remote service (JSON Test)
  • has a Menu structure
  • has a Movie-list built with RiotControl and AmpersandJS Model & Collections
  • a Todo-List
  • and a Contact Form

It also can serve as a boilerplate because is very easy to replace/remove parts which are not of interest (or buggy?).

However, this is not because the demo is such a nice piece of software but because AmpersandJS & RiotJS go out of your way and let you choose parts which are of help to you. They serve your needs and not the other way around.

All good & helpful parts in this demo are because of AmpersandJS & RiotJS developers.

All bugs, sloppy usage of technologies and misunderstood concepts are mine.

Building & Running

First, install packages with: npm install

To test the app run: npm start

To develop use gulp watch which comes with LiveReload (if you run on Chrome you can install the plugin)

Building is done with Browserify and a few transformers for HTML templates, Styles and Riot's Tag-Files.

You can bundle CSS by setting a proper import statement in styles/app/default.styles

To get a compressed version type gulp compress

Output directory is public/ while the bundled but unminified sources go to build/



What does the word 'Amoklauf' mean?

It's a German word for rampage, running frenzy, or running amok. 😡

I'm using RiotJS. Hence the name 😇