RactiveJS bindings for PureScript
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RactiveJS bindings for PureScript

Based on the original sources from Aitor P. Iturri

This version is compatible with psc 0.9.3.

The original Grunt mechanics were replaced by Gulp/WebPack.

For quick testing a small demo app with detailed comments is available.


My article on using PureScript with RactiveJS.

All of the APIs from RactiveJS v0.7.3 are supported

Component Support

Creation of RactiveJS Components is supported via the extend API. Read the Tutorial for more info.

Future planning

Follow the development of RactiveJS and continuously update the bindings.

Building the Bindings

npm install [initial build only]
bower update [initial build only]

Building the Demo

gulp make-demo [initial build only]
gulp build-demo
open index.html from subdir demo

Or use HapiJS

npm start  [will load index.js from subdir demo]


pulp test

QuickCheck is used for property-based testing while JSDOM is for headless testing of RactiveJS-APIs.