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CKEditor Plugin


This plugin provides CKEditor for editing messages and templates within phplist. It also integrates the KCFinder file manager to provide file upload and selection.

The plugin has been included in phplist since release 3.2.0 of phplist, so you should not normally need to install the plugin yourself.


CKEditor and KCFinder are compatible with all the major browsers, see the CKEditor site and the KCFinder site


Set the plugin directory

The default plugin directory is plugins within the admin directory.

You can use a directory outside of the web root by changing the definition of PLUGIN_ROOTDIR in config.php. The benefit of this is that plugins will not be affected when you upgrade phplist.

Install through phplist

Install on the Manage Plugins page (menu Config > Manage Plugins) using the package URL

In phplist releases 3.0.5 and earlier there is a bug that can cause a plugin to be incompletely installed on some configurations ( Check that these files are in the plugin directory. If not then you will need to install manually. The bug has been fixed in release 3.0.6.

  • the file CKEditorPlugin.php
  • the directory CKEditorPlugin

Install manually

If installation through phplist does not work then you can install the plugin manually.

Download the plugin zip file from

Expand the zip file, then copy the contents of the plugins directory to your phplist plugins directory. This should contain

  • the file CKEditorPlugin.php
  • the directory CKEditorPlugin

Enable the plugin

Click the small orange icon to enable the plugin. Note that only one editor can be enabled.

Location of the KCFinder directory

The KCFinder directory must be within the web root. If you have the default plugin location, define("PLUGIN_ROOTDIR","plugins") in config.php, then the plugin will use the correct path automatically.

If you have placed the plugin directory outside of the web root then you must move or copy the kcfinder directory from the plugin's directory to somewhere within the web root.

Then use the Settings page (menu Config > Settings) to specify the path to the KCFinder directory.

The path should be from the web root, such as /kcfinder, not the filesystem path.

Also, if you move or rename the phplist directory or the plugin directory after installing the plugin, then you will need to modify the path to KCFinder as it will not change automatically.


For guidance on configuring the plugin see the plugin's page within the phplist documentation site


This plugin is free but if you install and find it useful then a donation to support further development is greatly appreciated.


Version history

version     Description
2.1.5+20181125  Add ckeditor config entry for file browser upload method
2.1.4+20180930  Use CKEditor version 4.10.1
2.1.3+20160603  Improve derivation of path to upload directory
2.1.2+20160514  Update KCFinder .htaccess file
2.1.1+20160513  Move configuration documentation to the phplist site
2.1.0+20160207  Load ckeditor from its CDN
2.0.2+20160105  Minor internal change
2.0.1+20151211  Added documentation URL to Manage Plugins page
2.0.0+20150815  Added dependencies
2015-07-17      Upgrade to CKEditor 4.5.1 full package
2015-07-11      Clarify editing as full html page
2014-12-21      Remove htmlspecialchars() calls on javascript
2014-10-24      Configurable file directories
2014-10-04      Upgrade to CKEditor 4.4.5 full package and KCFinder 3.12
2014-10-02      Config setting for path to image upload directory
2014-08-14      Display warning when ckeditor path is incorrect. Allow full-page HTML for messages.
2014-04-30      Display warning when image directory is not writeable
2014-03-07      Upgraded to CKEditor 4.3.3
2013-12-22      Allow full HTML page editing for templates
2013-12-10      Correct example for allowed content
2013-11-26      Use full URL in links
2013-09-13      Moved settings into their own CKEditor category
2013-09-01      Removed setting for upload files, now UPLOADIMAGES_DIR must be specified
2013-04-27      Fix for GitHub issue 2
2013-04-22      Fixes for GitHub issues 1 and 3
2013-04-11      Initial version for phplist 2.11.x releases