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version 3.11.2+20200314
Add Dutch translations thanks to by Peter Buijs.
Ensure that the page titles are displayed in English for languages that do not have translations.
version 3.11.1+20200310
Add functions to split a string into lines and to get a config entry as lines.
cs fixer
version 3.11.0+20200306
Rework the attribute DAO
Move parameters from constructor to method call
version 3.10.13+20200216
Use the same approach as core phplist to make the webblerlisting table responsive.
version 3.10.12+20200127
Refactor ExportCSV class to support exporting to a file handle.
version 3.10.11+20200125
Allow action to be specified when running a controller
version 3.10.10+20191225
Minor improvements to StringStream class
Add phpunit tests for StringStream class
version 3.10.9+20191024
Hide the value of defines whose name contains KEY
version 3.10.8+20190914
Remove phpinfo styling of a link because it disrupts the trevelin theme
version 3.10.7+20190902
Add DAO for template table
version 3.10.6+20190825
Remove unnecessary output of command line signature
version 3.10.5+20190730
Correct error in detecting whether model fields have changed
Handle clicking the chart to redirect to another page
version 3.10.4+20190609
Use the same paging controls as core phplist
Display paging controls only when there is more than one page of results
version 3.10.3+20190528
Improve display of webbler listings that have rows with elements
Remove pager css class from the pager div to avoid clash with core phplist
version 3.10.2+20190509
Remove rows from user_message_view table when deleting a message
Improve css rule for toolbar icon
version 3.10.1+20190318
Log event for update of frontend translations only when they have changed
version 3.10.0+20190222
Replace i18n->get() by s()
New translation files
Add View class to render() templates
version 3.9.8+20190129
Change MailSender to treat any 2xx status code as successful
version 3.9.7+20181230
Lock jasongrimes/paginator to version 1.0.2
Add symfony filesystem package
version 3.9.6+20181210
Remove obsolete file
Revise French translation
Allow 'All' string in pager to be translated
Add context for remote processing pages
version 3.9.5+20181203
Maasik (1):
Add Russian translation file
version 3.9.4+20181130
Correct setting of CURLOPT_HEADER
version 3.9.3+20181116
Add style to wrap a long text value
coding standards changes
version 3.9.2+20181022
Add active field to listById() etc
version 3.9.1+20181020
Use traits for the DAOs to simplify reuse
version 3.9.0+20180905
Add Logger to DIC
Separate generation of dialog js
Add class to encapsulate a callback that returns a string
Allow message to be an object that can be stringified
Format sql queries when logging
Add sql-formatter package
Allow Logger to be subclassed.
Class to log only unique messages
version 3.8.2+20180730
Fix problem of incorrect variable name
version 3.8.1+20180729
Add method to delete 'not sent' rows from usermessage table.
version 3.8.0+20180621
Set priority so this plugin is activated first
Create autoloader in activate()
Dependency on phplist 3.3.2
version 3.7.18+20180528
Add subscribe page id as a search field on the attribute form
version 3.7.17+20180528
Add class to translate text for frontend pages
Revert previous change of updating plugin translations
version 3.7.16+20180525
Update plugin translations for all languages on logout
version 3.7.15+20180402
Correct Content-Disposition header to put file name in quotes
Use $_GET for the toolbar export URL
version 3.7.14+20180328
Add plugin description and documentation url
version 3.7.13+20180321
coding standard changes
update copyright year to 2018
version 3.7.12+20180320
Removed logging to a plugin-specific file.
Refactor and tidy-up code.
Remove redundant method.
Remove obsolete check of PHP version.
Reduce the level of errors being reported.
version 3.7.11+20180129
Add image for external URL
version 3.7.10+20180102
Added htmlspecialchars() inadvertently removed
version 3.7.9+20171228
Correct display of an email address in a webbler listing.
version 3.7.8+20171220
Correct display of '...' in Paginator class.
version 3.7.7+20171217
Work-around for Trevelyn theme to stop links being displayed as buttons
Added class to send file to browser
Class to customise the display of \JasonGrimes\Paginator
version 3.7.6+20171210
Add JasonGrimes\Paginator class
version 3.7.5+20171204
Logger method to test whether debug is enabled
version 3.7.4+20171201
Correct use of inheritance for Context class
version 3.7.3+20171125
Use correct logical operator
version 3.7.2+20171116
Update plugin translations on logout
version 3.7.1+20171111
Add DAO method to confirm user
version 3.7.0+20170929
Extract curl and multi-curl handling to separate class.
Add php-multi-curl package
version 3.6.8+20170914
Hironori Kamada (1):
Add Japanese language file, closes #8.
version 3.6.7+20170911
Added Context class
version 3.6.6+20170906
Allow other plugins to process the deletion of a campaign
version 3.6.5+20170811
Add dependency on using mysqli, not mysql
version 3.6.4+20170625
Add DIC dependencies for CommonPlugin
version 3.6.3+20170601
Improve handling of check boxes in model.
Add picotainer package
For a subtheme use dialog.js of the parent theme.
version 3.6.2+20170516
Use client polling approach to display progress.
Bring translations up to date.
Add method to create a url from $_GET.
version 3.6.1+20170414
Replace custom iterator class for query result
The bootlist theme needs different js to display a dialog
version 3.6.0+20170409
Export asynchronously using an iframe.
Display progress in a dialog.
version 3.5.16+20170402
Remove PicoFeed and ZendXml
version 3.5.15+20170304
Use core phplist help dialog
version 3.5.14+20170302
Rework pager css to improve appearance with bootlist theme
version 3.5.13+20170223
Copy rows in the listmessage table when copying a message.
version 3.5.12+20170216
Correct name of csrf token
Toolbar button for external help
version 3.5.11+20170209
Remove obsolete files
Change all non-namespaced classes to inherit from the equivalent namespaced class
Move template files
Correct type hint
regenerate class map
Update licence year, remove obsolete @link comments
Update the required php version.
version 3.5.10+20170209
When copying a message copy rows from the messagedata table.
version 3.5.9+20170206
Rename and update the cs config file
Generate UUID when copying a message for phplist version 3.3.0.
version 3.5.8+20160818
Upgrade PicoFeed to version 0.1.24
version 3.5.7+20160527
Move ext directory
use classmap for vendor directory
Rework autoloader
Regenerate class map
Use correct file path for yii licence
version 3.5.6+20160515
Install bitarray using Composer
Revise licence information
version 3.5.5+20160513
Allow callbacks to be used for an IPopulator
Remove need for the second parameter to queryOne()
Fix problem with incorrect directory being used
Added method block comments and code standards changes
Avoid html escaping when xdebug is loaded
version 3.5.4+20160330
Remove unnecessary licence file
Rationalise use of .tpl.php files
version 3.5.3+20160329
Correct namespace
version 3.5.2+20160217
Use same tab style as core phplist
version 3.5.1+20160204
Fixes #6
Made menu items translatable; added menu items to language files
Removed old button styles
Change English menu items
Revise docblock
version 3.5.0+20160110
Improve display of email addresses
Allow plugins to have own autoloader
Remove Emogrifier package
version 3.4.0+20151213
Upgrade emogrifier to V1.0.0
version 3.3.0+20151124
Correct indices
Update picoFeed to release v0.1.15
Update to version 1.2.0 of KLogger
version 3.2.0+20151023
Changes for coding standards
Correct illegal class name, fixes #4
Correct use of global Exception class
Change to base directory used by class maps
Added class map
version 3.1.1+20151015
Avoid throwing exception when creating I18N
GitHub #5, ensure that the correct version is used
version 3.1.0+20151012
Use classpath for autoloading
Use new csrf token name introduced in phplist 3.2.1
version 3.0.4+20151007
Remove need for the plugins directory to be called plugins
version 3.0.3+20150828
Refactoring pager and listing classes
version 3.0.2+20150819
Make image page a public page
version 3.0.1+20150813
Include token parameter in url
version 2015-07-21
Parallel directory for namespaced classes
psr-4 autoloader
version 2015-05-29
MarcelvC (2):
updated German language file de_UTF-8.php; now in line with en.php
minor change to widget_attributeform.tpl.php to make item translatable; modified de_UTF-8.php and en.php accordingly; add one additional item already in the language array to both files
version 2015-05-28
Remove redundant files leftover from phplist 2.10
Allow object to be created from within a plugin
Tidy-up translations
version 2015-04-23
Add license files for vendor packages
version 2015-03-23
Simplify code in other plugins by creating the autoloader in this plugin
version 2015-03-22
Installed Picofeed using Composer
version 2015-02-13
Use composer to install packages
version 2015-02-04
Update licence year
Use new release of KLogger
Use of namespaces requires php 5.3
Use null logger when threshold is not provided
version 2015-01-06
Allow all attributes to be returned
version 2014-10-22
Fix error in testing for modified image file
New and replaced images
Change export method name to avoid clash with core phplist
version 2014-09-09
version 2014-09-04
Test for xsl extension being installed
Send additional headers with 304
version 2014-07-06
Updated licence year
Keep label and control together
version 2014-05-28
Use core phplist function instead of mysql function
version 2014-05-18
Internal changes
New page to display the php session
version 2014-04-22
syntax hightlight config file
version 2014-04-18
Add phpinfo and config file as separate pages, remove from toolbar
Add id and uniqid as search fields
version 2014-04-08
New method for finding user
Use absolute path for plugin directory
version 2014-03-11
Include styling for help text
Replace check-box by drop-down list on attribute form
version 2014-02-16
Delete from related tables when deleting a message
version 2014-02-12
Hold config settings for each admin separately
version 2014-02-03
Improve presentation by always displaying the listing
version 2014-01-27
New page to serve plugin images
version 2014-01-25
Display message in addition to trace
Class to create Google charts
version 2013-11-05
Display exception trace instead of message
Display attribute form in a UIPanel
version 2013-10-03
Display tabs instead of accordion control
Make js compatible with USE_MINIFIED_ASSETS
Internal changes
version 2013-08-26
Clarify the required version of phplist
Added http headers to allow browser to cache images
Minor fixes
version 2013-04-30
Internal changes for compatibility with phplist 2.11.8
version 2013-04-22
Change to required version of php
Encapsulate how an image file is served
Use toString() method
file to hold current version
Change tabs to spaces
Removed SVN version lines
Remove dependency on PLUGIN_ROOTDIR
Fix to resolve GitHub issue #1 on phplist-statisticsplugin
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