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Plugin for phplist 3.x providing subscriber details, history and subscription pages
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Subscribers Plugin


The plugin adds pages to the Subscribers menu:

  • advanced search - search for subscribers and show subscriber attributes with confirmed and blacklisted status
  • subscriber history - shows history events: all, since a start date or those containing specific text
  • subscriptions - lists the number of subscriptions and unsubscriptions for each month with a chart showing the data graphically
  • subscriber commands - apply a command to a file or group of subcriber email addresses

The plugin also provides a placeholder [LISTUNSUBSCRIBE] to remove a subscriber from the list to which the campaign was sent.



This plugin requires phplist 3.3.2 or later and php version 5.4 or later.

It also requires the Common Plugin version 3.8.0 or later to be installed. You should install or upgrade to the latest version. See

Set the plugin directory

You can use a directory outside of the web root by changing the definition of PLUGIN_ROOTDIR in config.php. The benefit of this is that plugins will not be affected when you upgrade phplist.

Install through phplist

Install on the Plugins page (menu Config > Manage Plugins) using the package URL

Install manually

Download the plugin zip file from

Expand the zip file, then copy the contents of the plugins directory to your phplist plugins directory. This should contain

  • the file SubscribersPlugin.php
  • the directory SubscribersPlugin


For guidance on using the plugin see the plugin's page within the phplist documentation site


This plugin is free but if you install and find it useful then a donation to support further development is greatly appreciated.


Version history

version     Description
2.19.1+20190225 Improve performance of searching for subscribers
2.19.0+20190201 Add report to show subscribers with bounce count > 0
2.18.2+20181211 On Inactive report link to user page instead of userhistory
2.18.1+20180714 Fix problem of config settings not being displayed
2.18.0+20180709 Add command to remove subscribers from all lists to which they belong
2.17.2+20180623 Internal change that adds dependency on phplist 3.3.2
2.17.1+20180620 Support negative searching
                Add foreign key to command line import
2.17.0+20180528 Improvements to display and search on Advanced Search page
2.16.3+20180526 Correct filter on Subscriber History report
2.16.2+20180519 Remove hard-coded table names
2.16.1+20180403 Avoid dependency on php 7
2.16.0+20180402 Add report of unsubscribe reasons
2.15.1+20180228 Change the way that confirmed, unconfirmed and blacklisted are counted on the Subscriptions page
2.15.0+20180210 Add command line page to import a file
2.14.0+20180126 Add report of subscribers who do not belong to a list
2.13.1+20171201 Minor bug fix
2.13.0+20171111 Add command to confirm subscribers
2.12.0+20171004 Add command to reset subscriber's bounce count
2.11.0+20170827 Add command to change subscribers' subscribe page
2.10.0+20170802 Add command to resend confirmation email
2.9.4+20170414  Improve display of Subscriptions page with bootlist theme
2.9.3+20170409  Use new approach for exporting
2.9.2+20170331  Remove list subscribe/unsubscribe placeholders when email is forwarded
2.9.1+20170304  Use core phplist help dialog
2.9.0+20170302  Add report pages
2.8.1+20170214  Add page to generate UUIDs for subscribers
2.8.0+20170124  Display and search for real values of checkbox group attributes
                Support multiple search values
2.7.4+20170114  Improve German translation
                Use exact match when searching on checkboxgroup attribute
2.7.3+20161005  Avoid dependency on mysql 5.7
2.7.2+20160923  Correct query when using GROUP BY
2.7.1+20160901  Update translations
2.7.0+20160706  Add list subscribe placeholder
2.6.2+20160603  Avoid Excel problem with export file
2.6.1+20160421  Allow email addresses to be pasted into a text area
2.6.0+20160330  Added command to validate email addresses
2.5.0+20160323  Added action to remove from blacklist
2.4.0+20160317  Add page to apply action to set of subscribers
2.3.0+20160110  Add placeholder to unsubscribe from a list
2.2.0+20151025  Show total of campaigns sent
                Coding standards changes
2.1.0+20150904  Show totals of campaigns opened and clicked
2.0.0+20150815  Added dependencies
2015-05-29      Improved German translation
2015-05-28      Allow menu items to be translated
2015-05-17      Include IP address in export of subscriber history
2015-05-10      Add dependency checks
2015-03-23      Change to autoload approach
2015-01-18      Allow searching on user history IP address
2014-11-17      Shorten keys on config table to allow longer admin ids
2014-04-18      Search on id and uniqid
2014-03-11      Search on confirmed/unconfirmed and blacklisted/not blacklisted
2014-02-12      Allow searching on email address
2014-02-03      Display as pages instead of tabs
2014-01-25      Use Google Chart, minor changes
2013-11-20      Bug fix
2013-11-05      Improve layout to be similar to core phplist
2013-10-27      Display each page as a tab
2013-05-10      Initial version for phplist 2.11.9 converted from 2.10 version
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