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This is a redesign of my wordpress blog, to a Hugo based static site.

New Features

  • Static site, no more Wordpress + PHP + MySQL maintance
  • Using Hugo (written in Go)
  • Hosted on GitHub's CDN. This gives speed and SSL
  • Simplier / Cleaner / Modern HTML design


# Install hugo (Mac)
brew install hugo@v0.74

# Install hugo (Linux)
sudo apt-get install hugo

# Install hugo (Other)
go get
govendor get

# For minifiying/linting
npm install clean-css-cli@4.1.10 uglify-js@3.2.1 html-minifier@3.5.7 purify-css@1.2.5
brew install parallel # or sudo apt-get install parallel
brew install zopfli

New Article

# `make help` shows the example:
hugo new post/
nano content/post/
make watch

# Once done commit your changes
git add content/post/
git commit

Resize Images

# Ensure the images are at a resonable size
convert orig.png -resize 200x resize.png

# Consider retina displays
convert orig.png -resize 400x resize@2x.png

Optimise Images

find content static -name '*.png' | parallel --no-notice --tag zopflipng -y "{}" "{}"
find content static -name '*.gif' | parallel --no-notice --tag gifsicle -O -o "{}" "{}"




linkchecker http://localhost:1313/ > log.internal
linkchecker --check-extern http://localhost:1313/ > log.external

Font Awesome

Font Awesome contains some awesome icons, but sadly is huge! So I used icomoon to make a svg sprite of the icons I want, and use slightly different options to display them on the screen. Info:


  • Fix disqus (dsq_thread_id). Have to update URLs on disque
  • Problem parsing last link in markdown. (e.g [N] doesn't work) Fix at
  • Check the links haven't changed. Write script to check all URLs on still exist
  • Test 404
  • Center all tables
  • Ensure no broken links

TODO (nice to have)

  • Amazon code
  • Tag cloud
  • Change to a full width layout (like
  • Makefile, compress html, etc
  • Add a "edit me link"
  • Test twitter card
  • Investigate facebook card
  • Minify JS/CSS
  • Report bug in hugo with tags with dots in the name. For example "" is handled incorrectly.
  • Sitemap.xml does not contain all pages (such as /opensource-project/*)
  • The Summary/Descriptions are wrong on pages using the syntax
  • Hugo v0.58.0 Adds support for image manulation, plus extracting metadata. (e.g {{ ($myimg | fingerprint ).Width }} or {{ $image.Resize "600x jpg #b31280" }}
  • Hugo v0.62.1 Demonstrates truly portable Markdown links and images, whether browsed on GitHub or deployed as a Hugo site.
  • Hugo v0.68.0 Native minifier, perhaps use it?


My blog (work in progress)



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