bash completion script for grails
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This is a bash script (originally written by Fernando Takai) that allows
auto-completion of grails commands from the command line. Basically extending
the bash-like auto-completion functionality to include grails commands.

To use it you have to have gawk (it's default on some linux distros -- but on
mac, you have to install trough mac ports)

To install on Linux:
	Copy the grails_autocomplete file to /etc/bash_completion.d/
	Ensure that bash completion is enabled in your ~/.bashrc

To install elsewhere:
	To start using it you need to add this:
	[ -r /path/to/the/file ] && source /path/to/the/file

	To the top of your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile scripts.

For your changes to take affect you must open a new shell or re-login to your
current shell (su - your_user).

To use it, just go your grails project and try:
	grails list<tab>
	grails create<tab><tab>
	grails create-a<tab><tab>

Download this script from GitHub: