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Running on a Pi #1

bramp opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Bug reported by Zoolander06 (on

root@XBian:~/libcec-daemon# ./libcec-daemon –list
INFO – Opened /dev/uinput
INFO – Created uinput device
[0] port:RPI path:Raspberry Pi
Failed to open

I’ve tried with -v option, it does that (4 times) :

DEBUG – Main::onCecLogMessage(1167 [D]unregistering all CEC clients
DEBUG – Main::onCecLogMessage(1174 [D]Broadcast (F): osd name set to ‘Broadcast’
DEBUG – Main::onCecLogMessage(1178 [D]InitHostCEC – vchiq_initialise succeeded
DEBUG – Main::onCecLogMessage(1181 [D]InitHostCEC – vchi_initialise succeeded
DEBUG – Main::onCecLogMessage(1183 [D]InitHostCEC – vchi_connect succeeded
DEBUG – Main::onCecLogMessage(4512 [E]failed to release the previous LA
DEBUG – Main::onCecLogMessage(4516 [E]could not open a connection (try 1)

I think the line “failed to release the previous GA” is relevant, isn’t it ?


I have the same issue. 2.0.3 libcec is used.

@bramp bramp was assigned

Same here :(.


I managed to fix this by adding this:

else {

to line 133 of src/libcec.cpp.

./libcec-daemon --list now gives:

INFO - Opened /dev/uinput
INFO - Created uinput device
[0] port:RPI path:Raspberry Pi
        TV@0x0 TV (Samsung)
        Playback 1@0x2000 linux PC (Unknown)

EDIT: just fired off a Pull Request :)


Looks good eth0izzle, thanks! I want to read up on this newer API, to understand what calling InitVideoStandalone does, but if all is well I will accept shortly.

@bramp bramp closed this in cb08686

Fixed by cb08686

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