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#ifndef _THREADS_H
#define _THREADS_H
#include "common.h" // for struct settings
#include <pthread.h> // We assume we have a pthread library (even on windows)
#if defined(__FreeBSD__)
#include <sys/param.h>
#include <sys/cpuset.h>
#if defined(WIN32) || defined(__FreeBSD__)
// Define some dummy structs, currently they do nothing
typedef struct {
unsigned long int __cpu_mask;
} cpu_set_t;
/* Access functions for CPU masks. */
#define CPU_ZERO(cpusetp) ((cpusetp)->__cpu_mask = 0)
#define CPU_SET(cpu, cpusetp)
#define CPU_CLR(cpu, cpusetp)
#define CPU_ISSET(cpu, cpusetp)
#elif defined(__linux__)
#include <sched.h> // for cpu_set_t
void cpu_setup( cpu_set_t *cpu, unsigned int cores );
int thread_collect_results(const struct settings *settings, struct stats *total_stats, int (*print_results)(const struct settings *, const struct stats *, void * data), void *data);
int thread_join_all (int threaded_model);
int create_thread( void *(*start_routine)(void*), void *arg, size_t cpusetsize, const cpu_set_t *cpuset, unsigned int threaded_model );
// Allocate space for this many threads
int thread_alloc(size_t count);
int pthread_mutex_lock_block_signal (pthread_mutex_t *mutex, int signum);
int pthread_mutex_unlock_block_signal (pthread_mutex_t *mutex, int signum);
void threads_signal_all(int type, int threaded_model);
void threads_signal_parent(int threaded_model, __pid_t pid);
// Clear all allocated space for the threads
void threads_clear();
void wait_all(int threaded_model);
void wait_for_zero( pthread_mutex_t* mutex, pthread_cond_t* cond, volatile int * cond_variable );
void wait_for_nonzero( pthread_mutex_t* mutex, pthread_cond_t* cond, volatile int * cond_variable );
SOCKET create_stats_socket(); // TODO move this somewhere else
// Send the stats to an IPC
void send_stats_from_thread(struct stats stats);
#endif // _THREADS_H
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