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Finals with Friends

Finals with Friends (name a work in progress) is a web application that will allow students at the University of Rochester to facilitate study groups, and thus study more efficently (and hopefully make some new friends along the way!).

Currently, students only talk to two or three people in there class and there is no good way to connect students in classes (especially larger classes) together and share knowledge. I hope that URStudy can fill this gap as a service to my fellow students.

#To run:

Download Flask by following the instructions here: After downloading, simply start the app on your virtual engine, and you should be good to go!

(Edit 12/31/13: You might have a problem with the secret key and sessions. Currently looking into that.)

Any questions/comments/concerned should be directed to

##Example shots:

Welcome screen: home screen

Create a group: make-a-group

Successful DB Entry: success

Example database query: group-data

Edit screen (retrieved by session): edit-screen

FAQ Page: edit-screen

This project is free under the MIT liscence.