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Double Array Trie library

Note: this is a work in progress

This library implements a double array trie in JavaScript. Nested JavaScript object tries are easy to build but take up large amounts of memory and need to be serialized and deserialized when sending them over the wire. A double array trie consists of three fixed size arrays which can be efficiently stored and transmitted.

var Trie = require('datrie');

var trie = new Trie({
  '#': 1,
  'a': 2,
  'b': 3,
  'c': 4,
  'd': 5,
  'k': 6


trie.contains('bad#); // true
trie.contains('back#'); // true
trie.contains('hello'); // false

trie.contains('back#'); // false


$ npm install datrie


This library is licensed under the three clause BSD license.

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