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Create WOFF files with Zopfli compression

This is a modified version of the sfnt2woff utility that uses Zopfli as a compression algorithm instead of zlib. This results in compression gains of — on average — 5-8% compared to regular WOFF files. Zopfli generates compressed output that is compatible with regular zlib compression so the resulting WOFF files can be used everywhere.


To create a WOFF file from an OpenType files:

> sfnt2woff-zopfli [-v <maj>.<min>] [-m <metadata.xml>] [-n <iterations>] [-p <private.dat>] <otffile>


-v <maj>.<min>     set font version number (major and minor, both integers)
-m <metadata.xml>  include metadata from <metadata.xml> (not validated)
-n <iterations>    number of zopfli iterations (default = 15)
-p <private.dat>   include private data block

To decompress a WOFF file and write the OpenType file to stdout:

> woff2sfnt-zopfli [-v | -m | -p] <woff>


-v   write font version to stdout
-m   write WOFF metadata block to stdout
-p   write private data block to stdout


To compile the utilities, run make:

> make

This will compile two utilities sfnt2woff-zopfli to convert OpenType files to WOFF and woff2sfnt-zopfli to convert WOFF files back to OpenType files. If the build was succesful you can make them available on your system by copying the resulting executables to /usr/local/bin and making them executable (chmod 755).


The WOFF portion of the code is taken from sfnt2woff, which is licensed under the MPL/GPL/LGPL. The Zopfli implementation is licensed under the Apache License. My modifications to woff.c are also licensed under the MPL/GPL/LGPL.


You can also use the ttf2woff tool, which also converts OpenType files to WOFF using Zopfli, but is exclusively licensed under the GPL. However it doesn't have a command line option for the number of Zopfli iterations and thus can't create files as small as sfnt2woff-zopfli.


WOFF utilities with Zopfli compression



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