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A configuration manager and script installer for vim based on pathogen.vim by Tim Pope. Here are some of its most interesting features:

Manage ones entire ~/.vim and ~/.vimrc in a git repository, called a vimpack

vimpack init

Publish ones vimpack to github for use by others, or oneself on other machines

vimpack git publish -m 'vimpack updated'

Clone ones entire vimpack to any other machine via github

vimpack init <vimpack_repo_url>

Search for vim scripts from

vimpack search <keyword>

Install vim scripts from

vimpack install <script_name>

Uninstall vim scripts from

vimpack uninstall <script_name>

There is more that vimpack can do, just checkout the documentation or source:

Vimpack Documentation

Vimpack Source

Special Thanks To:

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