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Dynamic take on the original Mercator Puzzle by Google
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Mercator Puzzle Redux

Dynamic take on the original Mercator Puzzle by Google. Built by Bramus! -


The the orignal Mercator Puzzle by Google is a nice one, yet it's static: you always get presented the same 15 countries at the same 15 starting positions.

This is a dynamic take on that, in which you get to place 15 countries chosen from a set of 178 in total. If you don't know the anwser, just double click a country to let the computer place it. Above that you'll get to know the name of the country when it's placed.


  • Thanks to @thijsvandevelde for sparking this idea after complaining about the fact that the original version was static
  • The country data is loaded from a GeoJSON file containing all countries. Antarctica has been omitted from the list (sorry ATA!) due to it coloring the whole world instead of the continent itself.
  • The Polygons are moved using google.maps.Polygon.moveTo(), a Google Maps Extension which I wrote especially for this project. The source is available on GitHub
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