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PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter - A Photoshop script that cuts image tiles from any image for direct use with Google Maps

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Photoshop Google Maps Tile Cutter Built by Bramus! -


PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter is a Photoshop script that cuts image tiles from any image for direct use with Google Maps. Works with Photoshop CS2 and up.

Photoshop Google Maps Tile Cutter


  • Download and extract PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter
  • Move PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter.jsx to your Photoshop scripts directory
    • For Photoshop CS6 on Mac OS X this is /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Presets/Scripts
    • For Photoshop CS6 on Windows this is C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6\Presets\Scripts
  • Restart Photoshop if it was already running

How to use

Cutting tiles

An example of the script in action can be viewed at

  • Open Photoshop and open the image you want to process.
  • Access the script from the scripts menu in Photoshop: File > Scripts > PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter.
  • Set the export path and cutter settings, and press Make tiles to start the cutting process.
    • Optionally define the export structure (file based (z_x_y.jpg) or folder based (z/x/y.jpg)), tile size (256 by default), and export format (.jpg by default)
  • The script will start carving the tiles for as many zoom levels as possible.
    • During this phase it will look like Photoshop is going berzerk, this is normal, as it is.
    • Depending on the size of the image it might be a good idea to take that coffee break. Carving 21000 tiles takes about 20 minutes on a recent MacBook Pro.
  • When the script has finished carving, you will find the tiles in the folder you've selected before.

Implementing the tiles

The resulting tiles can be used directly in Google Maps by setting up a custom map type, using a google.maps.ImageMapType instance.

If you've checked the option, PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter will create an HTML file with such an implementation. A fully working example is also included in the examples directory that came with the download of PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter (the tiles are only included in the gh-pages branch)

A live example is available at


  • The included example and Google Maps documentation referenced is for Google Maps Version 3.
  • PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter will resize the canvas to being a square one, as this is easier to process and implement
    • A result is that extra (empty) tiles will be generated.
  • PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter will create one extra empty tile (empty.jpg) which is used to prevent the image from showing up repeatedly on the X-axis when used within Google Maps.


PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter is based upon the Automatic Tile Cutter by Will James, Curtis Wyatt, and Nate Bundy. The UI Additions were initially provided by Nick Springer.

Basically PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter is an improved, cleaned up version of their work.


PS_Bramus.GoogleMapsTileCutter - A Photoshop script that cuts image tiles from any image for direct use with Google Maps






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