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effortlessly integrate markitup with rails

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Rack middleware to inject CSS & Javascript to turn text areas into rich text editors using Jay Salvat's MarkItUp!.

It effortlessly integrates with Rails and other Rackbased frameworks.


Put this in your Gemfile.

gem 'markitup'

And run a couple of rake tasks to get the CSS, Javascript & image assets in place.

rake markitup:install:base
rake markitup:install:markdown

Now, if you provide a text area with the class specified as keyword in config/markup.yml, the text area will turn into an editor. The default keyword is (this is case sensitive!):


So this should do it...

<textarea class='markItUp'></textarea>


There is no additional configuration needed. However a config file is created, which can be customized, if you want to have things differently. After the first request, you'll find it here:


Limitations & Todo

  • preview function, not yet supported
  • currently only supports markdown

Links & Acknowledgements

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