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Branch Docs

Repository for Branch's public documentation


  • Get partners up and running as fast as possible

    • Educate with a single best path (do not list all the override methods)

    • Educate with working code examples

    • Bullet point key points, procedures, and steps to promote progression

    • Use shorter sentences with simpler words (3rd grade) to prevent ambiguity

    • Trigger action by beginning each sentence with a verb

    • Write in the viewpoint of the user's wants, not what Branch wants

    • Keep it simple (KISS) (1 -> 2 -> 3)

    • Don't repeat yourself (DRY) (this can be found here)

  • Answer any question a partner will have

    • Make sure you answer why, what, how (example) with each section


  • Code

    git clone
    cd docs
  • Dependencies

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Develop

    mkdocs serve
  • Deploy

    • Merge pull request into master
    • Create new pull request from master
    • Merge pull request from master into production on release days
  • Production


  • Folders

    • Must be lowercase and hyphened
  • Content

    • Bullets and sections must have double new line spacing in between

    • Indention is 4 spaces

    • Search works best when content is not duplicated

    • Only add periods if more than one sentence

  • Style

    • Titles # Title

    • Sections ## Section

    • Category - #### Section

    • Content - content

  • Code Tabs

    • Tabbed sections *title*, code, *title*, code
  • Navigation

    • Different page click [here](/pages/apps/ios/) (must have trailing slash)

    • Different page anchor click [here](/pages/apps/ios/#configure-bundle-identifier)

    • Same page anchor click [here](#configure-bundle-identifier)

  • Tips, notes, warnings etc.

  • Code Modals

    • Complete [Integrate your app](#dialog-code?ios=create-deep-link&android=install-branch)

    • Complete [Integrate your app](#dialog-code)

    • ios, android, cordova, mparticleAndroid, mparticleIos, titanium, reactNative, unity, xamarin

  • Images

    • Content pages are kept in the img/pages

    • Example images used in ingredients are kept in the img/ingredients

    • ![image](

  • Search

    • Hosted by Algolia Docsearch

    • Localhost scrapes production

    • Production is scraped once a day

    • Prevent search results by adding production url to stop_urls (config)

  • Redirection

    • Add <script>window.location = "/pages/dashboard/people-based-attribution"</script> to the top of the file


  • Resources

  • Mkdocs Local Deploy

    • not recommended

      mkdocs gh-deploy
  • Mkdocs Locally

  • Mkdocs Fix

    • remove mkdocs sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/mkdocs

    • remove mkdocs link rm -rf /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/mkdocs.egg-link

    • remove pip rm -rf /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages

    • reinstall pip curl > && chmod -x && sudo ./

    • reinstall dependencies

    • run develop

  • Mkdocs-Material Locally

    • readme

    • add to repo git subtree add --prefix lib/mkdocs-material master --squash

    • update to repo git subtree pull --prefix lib/mkdocs-material master --squash

    • test live update in /materials

    • prod code in /src

      • cd lib/mkdocs-material

      • yarn install

      • yarn build (will build /material, but fail on /site (this is okay))

    • updated files

      • lib/mkdocs-material/src/partials/footer.html

      • lib/mkdocs-material/src/partials/header.html

      • lib/mkdocs-material/src/partials/search.html

      • lib/mkdocs-material/src/partials/nav.html

      • lib/mkdocs-material/src/base.html

      • lib/mkdocs-material/src/assets/javascripts/application.js

      • lib/mkdocs-material/src/assets/images/favicon.png

  • Slow page render

    • The docs should load within 1400ms. If it takes 5000ms, please disable Ghostery (Google Analytics) and Adblocker (the docs have AB testing)
  • Missing search

    • Some ad blockers prevent the search from appearing