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#StockSlate ##Hack the North 2014 Bloomberg API Prize Winner

StockSlate analyzes equity stock picks with score algorithms to mimic the values of famous investors including Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and Peter Lynch. Data is provided with the Bloomberg API and used within a NodeJS backend and AngularJS front end.

##Think like Buffett Create a new list of stocks, add your favourite equities, and get instant comparison with famous investor strategies.

When you choose an investor, the metrics will switch to the ones that investor looks to when judging their own picks. We looked through many investor books and blogs to find the top 5-10 metrics that each investor first relies on for their analysis.

From the investor specific metrics, our scoring algorithms weight and use manipulate each input to a standardized value which becomes a single score between 1 and 100 for each stock. This makes Stock Slate intuitive for new investors who can initially use scores but over time learn individual metrics and improve their own judgement.

##Demo Check out our video demo on YouTube! Due to the many legal restrictions of the Bloomberg API and our limited access during competition hours, we don't have a public demo.


##Official Hack the North Submission

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