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This is the place to suggest color additions or updates, report bugs, or pitch ideas for BrandColors. Create an issue and we'll talk.

How to find colors

I prefer to source colors from official documentation created by brands themselves — identity guidelines, brand resource pages, etc. If you're looking for a brand colors, some great search terms are:

  • [brand name] identity guidelines
  • [brand name] brand guidelines
  • [brand name] press kit

If a quick Google doesn't turn up something immediately, you might try looking on the About and Press pages on the brand's website.

If you can't find documentation, logos are another good option. I particularly like color values from a SVG logo on a Wikipedia page. If you use a color, please do not use a color picker app to pick from your web browser. Many web browsers (Chrome especially) are bad about altering colors on the pages they display. Copy the image into Photoshop (or similar) image editor and pick from the color picker there.

A few additional notes:

  • I don't accept colors picked from gradients.
  • I don't accept brand colors from web design or development agencies or freelancers.
  • If you're picking colors from a logo, always try to find a vector version of the logo. Open the logo in a vector image editor (Inkscape is free) and copy the path fill color — don't just use a random color picker app.
  • If you can't find a vector version of a logo, try to find the logo in the highest-definition .png you can and pick from that.
  • When you submit your issue, let me know where you got the color and how. If you're a designer at Acme Corp and know your company's exact brand color, telling me that will save me a lot of time since I won't have to double-check things.

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