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Assignment 1
Assignment 2
Assignment 3
Assignment 4


Academic Integrity Notice

This repository contains source code used for academic purposes. Any party reproducing this content for academic purposes should consult their respective institution’s Academic Integrity Policy. Contributors to this repository strictly prohibit any reproduction, or use, of this source code that violates the Academic Integrity Policy of any institution and are not responsible for the violations of any party.


The Computer-Vision repository consists of four assignments from a course in computer vision. The four directories are

  • Assignment 1
  • Assignment 2
  • Assignment 3
  • Assignment 4

Assignment 1

The Assginment 1 directory contains source code to familiarize oneself with functions and MATLAB scripts as well as MATLAB’s image processing toolbox. This directory also contains a simple and naïve script to produce a checkerboard pattern image.

Assignment 2

The Assignment 2 directory contains an image filtering implementation called my_imfilter.m. This function takes and image and a filter and convolves the image with the given filter. The other files in this directory are simply tests and ways to use the my_imfilter.m function.

Assignment 3

The Assignment 3 directory contains five edge detection implementations, which MATLAB already supports. However, these implementations may be used as a learning mechanism in understanding how edge detection implementations. The implementations are

  • my_edgeCanny.m (Canny edge detection)
  • my_edgeLaplacian.m (Laplacian edge detection)
  • my_edgeMarrHildreth.m (Marr-Hildreth edge detection)
  • my_edgePrewitt.m (Prewitt edge detection)
  • my_edgeSobel.m (Sobel edge detection)

Assignment 4

The Assignment 4 directory contains a feature detecting function called get_interest_points.m Again, MATLAB provides many functions to achieve feature detection and this crude implementation is a tool to understand the feature detection process in images.