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The Brandfolder Contentful UI Extension
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Contentful UI Extension


  1. Navigate to Settings > Extensions
  2. Select Install from GitHub from the Add extension drop down. Add Extension
  3. Enter Install Extension
  4. Click Install to complete the installation

Assigning the Extension to a Field

After successful installation, the Brandfolder Asset extension can be assigned to a Content Type with a JSON field.

  1. Navigate to the desired Content Type.
  2. Select the desired JSON field in the Content Type.
  3. Navigate to Settings > Appearance of the field.
  4. Select Brandfolder Asset. Config Extension
  5. Copy the API key for your Organization from
  6. Enter the API key and click Save


  1. Navigate to an entry of the Content Type to see Brandfolder Asset in action.
  2. Select a Brandfolder from the dropdown menu unless you wish to search within the default [All Brandfolders].
  3. Type your query into the search field. Results will be updated in real time.
  4. If you do not immediately see your desired Asset, press Enter to ensure the best results. Use Extension
  5. Click on the desired Asset to select it for use. Used Extension
  6. You can preview the JSON data that will be saved in the field by clicking View Asset Data

Fetch and Use the Content

You can use the Content Delivery API to fetch the content

curl --include \
     --request GET \{space_id}/environments/{environment_id}/entries/{entry_id}?access_token={access_token}

Display the Asset image on your website using our CDN by getting the value from response.fields.{Brandfolder Asset Field Name}.cdn_url

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