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getperformance <- function(type) {
#read in data
data <- read.csv("consolidated_olympic_datav4.csv")
#subset by game type (winter or summer) and for only countries that participated
datasub <- subset(data, GameType == type & Participant == 1)
#create log population and log GDP vars
datasub["logPop"] <- log(datasub$Pop)
datasub["logGDP"] <- log(datasub$GDP)
datasub["logGDPperCap"] <- log(datasub$GDP/datasub$Pop)
#create lag total medals var using DataCombine package
datasub <- datasub[order(datasub$Country.Name, datasub$Year),]
datasub <- slide(datasub, Var = "TotalAdj", GroupVar = "Country.Name", slideBy = -1)
colnames(datasub)[26] <- "TotalAdjLagBy1"
#deal with NAs or inf in logGDPperCap var
datasub$logGDPperCap[which(is.nan(datasub$logGDPperCap))] = NA
datasub$logGDPperCap[which(datasub$logGDPperCap==Inf)] = NA
#create dummy var for Year
year.f = factor(datasub$Year)
year.dummies = model.matrix(~year.f)
fit <- lm(TotalAdj ~ logPop + logGDPperCap + TotalAdjLagBy1 + year.dummies, data = datasub, na.action = na.exclude)
#add predicted column
datasub["predicted"] <- fitted(fit)
datasub["residuals"] <- residuals(fit)
#create plot
type_lab <- paste(type, "- Predicted Total Medals vs. Actual Total Medals")
plot(datasub$predicted, datasub$TotalAdj,
main = type_lab,
cex.main = 1,
xlab = "Predicted Total Medals",
ylab = "Actual Total Medals",
col = rgb(70,130,180,100,maxColorValue=255),
pch = 19,)
abline(lm(datasub$predicted~datasub$TotalAdj), col="grey") # regression line (y~x)
#subset out NA values and set min of predicted value to 0
regoutput <- datasub[complete.cases(datasub),]
regoutput["predicted"] <- round(regoutput$predicted, 0)
regoutput$predicted[regoutput$predicted < 0] <- 0
colnames(regoutput)[3] <- "CountryName"
colnames(regoutput)[4] <- "CountryCode"
colnames(regoutput)[9] <- "Yearextra"
#min and max hardcode reductions
#regoutput$residuals[1360] <-45
#regoutput$residuals[1361] <- -35
#assign to global environment and save file
filetosave <- paste(type, "output.csv", sep="")
write.csv(regoutput, file = filetosave)
simpleoutput <- regoutput[, c("Year", "CountryName", "TotalAdj", "predicted", "residuals", "Gold", "Silver", "Bronze", "locCity")]
filetosave <- paste("simple", type, "output.csv", sep="")
write.csv(simpleoutput, file = filetosave)
#write summary output to an HTML table using xtable
sumoutput <- summary(fit)
xtableoutput <- xtable(sumoutput)
coef_rl = print(xtableoutput, type = "html")