My self-booting .emacs.d directory, mostly for Python and JavaScript development
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This repository contains my .emacs.d directory, whose configuration is focused on making Python and JavaScript development more fun. You might also be interested in looking at my version controlled home directory, which is kept here:

To install this .emacs.d directory under your own an account, use the following commands to check out this directory, move it into place, and run its setup script:

$ cd ~
$ if [ -d .emacs.d ] ;then mv .emacs.d old-emacs.d ;fi
$ git clone .emacs.d
$ .emacs.d/

You will then be ready to run Emacs!

Be sure to install the following Python packages so that Emacs can successfully edit your code:

epc jedi pyflakes

These probably cannot usefully be installed system-wide, because when editing Python 2 code you will need the Python 2 versions of these tools to run, but when editing Python 3 you will need them running under Python 3 or they will think that your Python 3 contructs are syntax errors. So when you create a virtualenv for a particular project that uses that project's correct Python version, you will want to install those three packages before launching Emacs.

The creates a Python virtual environment down inside of the directory and install several programs that give Emacs some IDE super powers when editing Python code. To get a good survey of the way my environment is customzied, first read the comments in init.el, and then look up specific settings if you have questions. You can first try looking up each customization variable inside of Emacs by running M-x customize-apropos followed by part of its name. If the brief Emacs docstring does not give you enough information, then the next best place is usually a Google search for "Emacs wiki " which will hopefully unlock a trove of information at