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BoxShadow insert_into BUG #24

michalmatuska opened this Issue · 1 comment

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inside boxshadow.js when i set some properties(blur, spread, etc.) code
$.css(elem, support.boxShadow).split(rWhitespace)
["rgba(0,", "0,", "0,", "0.1)", "0px", "0px", "5px", "5px"].

If i want set spread 20px, i get ["rgba(0,", "0,", "0,", "0.1)", "0px", "20px", "5px", "5px"]. Error is in split array with rWhitespace and rgba in css properties.


I'm not sure I understand this bug.
It would be easier for me to fix this bug if you could provide the following information
1. What I want to do: ...
2. Actual output: ...
3. Expected output: ...

Thank you in advance, Louis-Rémi

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