boxshadow.js broken in Firefox 4 #32

jefffederman opened this Issue May 25, 2011 · 2 comments

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First of all, thanks for putting this collection of jQuery css hooks together! I found that the individual boxShadow getters and setters (e.g., boxShadowColor, boxShadowBlur), were not working properly in Firefox 4, and suspected this had something to do with the fact that Firefox 4 now supports the box-shadow property rather than the -moz-box-shadow property. I made the following changes to the code which got everything working properly on Firefox 4 and Safari 5 (control browser).

  • On line 17, changed:
    (divStyle.boxShadow === ''? 'BoxShadow' :
    (divStyle.boxShadow === ''? 'boxShadow' :

  • On line 30, changed:
    if ( support.boxShadow ) {

  • Surrounded the $.cssHooks.boxShadow object with the following conditional:
    if ( support.boxShadow !== 'boxShadow') { ... }

No claims that my workaround is elegant or future-proof, but the code now works as expected in Firefox 4 and Safari 5.



Nice one. Just tried that and it works for FireFox 4.0.1

@jefffederman not sure how all this git thing works, but can you do a pull / push with your changes. Maybe they will accept it?



I'll have a look at that, thank you for reporting this issue.

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