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Smooth scrolling for the iPhone/iPod Touch using CSS Transforms.
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This provides a means to have a more native app "feel" to scrolling in Mobile Safari as well as having fixed position elements on screen. I (rather quickly) extracted this functionality from working on a jQuery API browser for Mobile Safari. Some of it is a bit messy, like the test.html.


Just point to a particular element on the page that you want scrollable. If it's scrollHeight is greater than it's offsetHeight, then it will become scrollable.

var scrollable = new Scrollable(document.getElementById('scrollable'));

You can test it in Safari but desktop/mouse support is half-baked.

In Action

You can find it being used here:

You can also take a look at the test.html to see it in action... but fair warning it is a bit messy.


This work is Copyright 2010 Brandon Aaron and licensed under the MIT license (LICENSE.txt).

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