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Updated wth all my installed packages, formatting to come

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My Sublime Text 2 Setup
+1. [Apache Conf file Syntax Highlighting](
+2. [Autocomplete Filenames](
+3. [Bracket Highlighter](
+4. [Media Query Snippets](
+5. [Emmet Zen Coding](
+6. [Gist for Github](
+7. [Git integration](
+8. [Increase / decrease of numbers, dates, hex color values, etc.](
+9. [Gitignore plugin](
+10. [Add git commands to sidebar](
+11. [Package bundle for jQuery](
+12. [Code snippets for developing with jQuery](
+13. [jQuery Mobile code snippets](
+14. [Javascript minification using Google Closure compiler](
+15. [LESS syntax highlighting](
+16. [Web browser page reloading plugin](
+17. [Preview your markdown files quickly in you web browser](
+18. [Fetch the latest version of remote files and zip packages](
+20. [A full-featured package manager](
+21. [Runs CSS through the Prefixr API](
+22. [FTP,FTPS,SFTP plugin for remote and client-side ](
+24. [Full-featured code intelligence and smart autocomplete engine](
+25. [Highlight all copies of the currently selected word](
+26. [A list of codeigniter snippets](
+27. [Prettify JSON plugin](
+28. [Generate password plugin](
+29. [Twitter Bootstrap snippets](
+30. [A collection of miscellaneous snippets for coding in PHP](
+31. [Multi-line and multiple selection alignment plugin](
+32. [Automatically moves a semi-colon to the outside of the last bracket when pressed inside](
+33. [add scripts from](
+34. [Deletes blank (or surplus blank) lines from a selection](
+35. [HTML5 bundle](
+36. [HTML5 attribute completions](
+37. [Placeholder HTML & content (lorem ipsum) package](
+38. [Enhancements to Sublime Text sidebar. Files and folders.](
+39. [Converts characters from one "encoding" to another using a transformation (think HTML entities, not character encodings)](
+40. [Inline lint highlighting](
+41. [LoremIpsum plugin](
+42. [Collection of packages about HTML/XML tags](

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