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Blockly 20 Hour Curriculum

Blockly is a web-based, graphical programming editor. Users can drag blocks together to build an application. No typing required. Credit goes to these awesome developers and a small army of translators.

This repository contains the source code for the Blockly based 20 hour curriculum and Hour of Code. Information about Blockly can be found in the wiki.

Quick Start

# Get the code
git clone mooc
cd mooc

# Machine setup (OSX with Homebrew)
brew install node
npm install -g grunt-cli

# Build
npm install

# Run with live-reload server
grunt dev
open http://localhost:8000

Project Specification

Both of these tutorials are found on or At the end of 1-hour, you’re sent to a Drupal thank you page that leads you back to

1 hour tutorial

  • 18 Maze puzzles + 6 videos, with celeb videos and licensed skins
  • No auth/identity/login, no state
  • Works on touch-screens, cross-browser (IE9+ required. IE8 highly desired)
  • Looks good on smartphones / small screens
  • Translated into at least spanish, and other non-bidi languages

20-hour curriculum

  • X stages, Y puzzles, Z videos
  • HAS student auth, teacher auth.
  • Student can see a map of where they are. Earn “trophies”
  • Teacher can see dashboard of student progress
  • Both students and teachers earn real-world rewards upon completion.
  • Works on touch-screens, cross-browser (IE9+ required. IE8 highly desired)
  • NOT optimized for smartphones / small screens. NOT translated

To Contribute

First, helpful links

  1. Web based tutorial
  2. Create a repo
  3. Forking
  4. Pull Requests

Style Guide

  • In general follow google's javascript style guide.
  • 80 character line length.
  • 2 space indent.
  • 4 space indent on long line breaks.

Quick Start

  1. Install and set up git
  2. Fork this repository (see upper right of page).
  3. Clone your new repo git clone<username>/blockly.git
  4. Change directory to the newly cloned repo with cd blockly
  5. Add this repo as a remote: git remote add codedotorg
  6. [Hack]
  7. Merge in most up-to-date changes, repeat as needed:
  8. git fetch codedotorg
  9. git merge codedotorg/master
  10. Push changes to your fork, repeat as desired.
  11. Initiate pull request on your fork's page, targeting this repository.
  12. Find the pull request you initiated and assign it to someone. This requires that you are a collaborator on the project.

Additional Tips

  • After submitting a pull request, start a new branch with git checkout -b new_feature. This allows you to keep working without affecting the pull request.
  • Once you have forked your own repository, you can makes as many commits, and push them to github, as you like. These will be pushed to your own repo and won't affect this shared repo.
  • Once you have issued a pull request any additional pushes you make to your repo will automatically update the pull request. This is like running gcl update multiple times for the same change list.
  • Use git rebase --interactive to clean up messy commits before issuing a pull request.
  • To use a global gitignore file read these instructions.