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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(ns cljs.compiler
(:refer-clojure :exclude [munge load-file loaded-libs macroexpand-1])
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]))
(declare resolve-var)
(require 'cljs.core)
(def js-reserved #{"new" "debugger" "enum" "default" "private" "finally" "in" "import" "package" "with" "throw"
"continue" "var" "for" "public" "do" "delete" "instanceof" "yield" "static" "protected" "return"
"case" "implements" "typeof" "while" "void" "switch" "export" "class" "function" "extends" "else"
"interface" "try" "let" "catch" "super" "if" "this" "break" "boolean"})
(defonce namespaces (atom '{cljs.core {:name cljs.core}
cljs.user {:name cljs.user}}))
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-ns* 'cljs.user)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-verbose* false)
(def ^:dynamic *cljs-warn-on-undeclared* false)
(defn munge [s]
(let [ms (clojure.lang.Compiler/munge (str s))
ms (if (js-reserved ms) (str ms "$") ms)]
(if (symbol? s)
(symbol ms)
;;todo - move to core.cljs, using js
(def ^String bootjs "
//goog.provide should do this for us
//cljs = {}
//cljs.lang = {}
//cljs.user = {}
//cljs.lang.truth_ = function(x){return x != null && x !== false;}
//cljs.lang.fnOf_ = function(f){return (f instanceof Function?f:f.cljs$core$Fn$invoke);}
//cljs.lang.original_goog_require = goog.require;
goog.require = function(rule){Packages.clojure.lang.RT[\"var\"](\"cljs.compiler\",\"goog-require\").invoke(, rule);}
(defn confirm-var-exists [env prefix suffix]
(when true ;;*cljs-warn-on-undeclared*
(let [crnt-ns (-> env :ns :name)]
(when (= prefix crnt-ns)
(when-not (-> @namespaces crnt-ns :defs suffix)
(binding [*out* *err*]
(str "WARNING: Use of undeclared Var " prefix "/" suffix
(when (:line env)
(str " at line " (:line env)))))))))))
(defn resolve-ns-alias [env name]
(let [sym (symbol name)]
(get (:requires (:ns env)) sym sym)))
(defn core-name?
"Is sym visible from core in the current compilation namespace?"
[env sym]
(and (get (:defs (@namespaces 'cljs.core)) sym)
(not (contains? (-> env :ns :excludes) sym))))
(defn resolve-existing-var [env sym]
(let [s (str sym)
lb (-> env :locals sym)
lb (:name lb)
(namespace sym)
(let [ns (namespace sym)
ns (if (= "clojure.core" ns) "cljs.core" ns)
full-ns (resolve-ns-alias env ns)]
(confirm-var-exists env full-ns (symbol (name sym)))
(symbol (str full-ns "." (munge (name sym)))))
(.contains s ".")
(munge (let [idx (.indexOf s ".")
prefix (symbol (subs s 0 idx))
suffix (subs s idx)
lb (-> env :locals prefix)]
(if lb
(symbol (str (:name lb) suffix))
(confirm-var-exists env prefix (symbol suffix))
(let [full-ns (if (core-name? env sym)
(-> env :ns :name))]
(confirm-var-exists env full-ns sym)
(munge (symbol (str full-ns "." (munge (name sym)))))))]
{:name nm}))
(defn resolve-var [env sym]
(let [s (str sym)
lb (-> env :locals sym)
lb (:name lb)
(namespace sym)
(let [ns (namespace sym)
ns (if (= "clojure.core" ns) "cljs.core" ns)]
(symbol (str (resolve-ns-alias env ns) "." (munge (name sym)))))
(.contains s ".")
(munge (let [idx (.indexOf s ".")
prefix (symbol (subs s 0 idx))
suffix (subs s idx)
lb (-> env :locals prefix)]
(if lb
(symbol (str (:name lb) suffix))
(munge (symbol (str
(if (core-name? env sym)
(-> env :ns :name))
"." (munge (name sym))))))]
{:name nm}))
(defn- comma-sep [xs]
(apply str (interpose "," xs)))
(defmulti emit-constant class)
(defmethod emit-constant nil [x] (print "null"))
(defmethod emit-constant Long [x] (print x))
(defmethod emit-constant Integer [x] (print x)) ; reader puts Integers in metadata
(defmethod emit-constant Double [x] (print x))
(defmethod emit-constant String [x] (pr x))
(defmethod emit-constant Boolean [x] (print (if x "true" "false")))
(defmethod emit-constant Character [x] (pr (str x)))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.Keyword [x]
(pr (str \uFDD0 \'
(if (namespace x)
(str (namespace x) "/") "")
(name x))))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.Symbol [x]
(pr (str \uFDD1 \'
(if (namespace x)
(str (namespace x) "/") "")
(name x))))
(defn- emit-meta-constant [x string]
(if (meta x)
(print (str "cljs.core.with_meta(" string ","))
(emit-constant (meta x))
(print ")"))
(print string)))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.PersistentList$EmptyList [x]
(emit-meta-constant x "cljs.core.List.EMPTY"))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.PersistentList [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(str "cljs.core.list("
(comma-sep (map #(with-out-str (emit-constant %)) x))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.Cons [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(str "cljs.core.list("
(comma-sep (map #(with-out-str (emit-constant %)) x))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.IPersistentVector [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(str "(new cljs.core.Vector(null, ["
(comma-sep (map #(with-out-str (emit-constant %)) x))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.IPersistentMap [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(str "cljs.core.hash_map("
(comma-sep (map #(with-out-str (emit-constant %))
(apply concat x)))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.PersistentHashSet [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(str "cljs.core.set(["
(comma-sep (map #(with-out-str (emit-constant %)) x))
(defmulti emit :op)
(defn ^String emits [expr]
(with-out-str (emit expr)))
(defn emit-block
[context statements ret]
(if statements
(let [body (str (apply str (map emits statements)) (emits ret))]
(print body))
(emit ret)))
(defmacro emit-wrap [env & body]
`(let [env# ~env]
(when (= :return (:context env#)) (print "return "))
(when-not (= :expr (:context env#)) (print ";\n"))))
(defmethod emit :var
[{:keys [info env] :as arg}]
(emit-wrap env (print (:name info))))
(defmethod emit :meta
[{:keys [expr meta env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(print (str "cljs.core.with_meta(" (emits expr) "," (emits meta) ")"))))
(defmethod emit :map
[{:keys [children env simple-keys? keys vals]}]
(emit-wrap env
(if simple-keys?
(print (str "cljs.core.ObjMap.fromObject(["
(comma-sep (map emits keys)) ; keys
(comma-sep (map (fn [k v] (str (emits k) ":" (emits v)))
keys vals)) ; js obj
(print (str "cljs.core.HashMap.fromArrays(["
(comma-sep (map emits keys))
(comma-sep (map emits vals))
(defmethod emit :vector
[{:keys [children env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(print (str "cljs.core.Vector.fromArray(["
(comma-sep (map emits children)) "])"))))
(defmethod emit :set
[{:keys [children env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(print (str "cljs.core.set(["
(comma-sep (map emits children)) "])"))))
(defmethod emit :constant
[{:keys [form env]}]
(when-not (= :statement (:context env))
(emit-wrap env (emit-constant form))))
(defmethod emit :if
[{:keys [test then else env]}]
(let [context (:context env)]
(if (= :expr context)
(print (str "(cljs.core.truth_(" (emits test) ")?" (emits then) ":" (emits else) ")"))
(print (str "if(cljs.core.truth_(" (emits test) "))\n{" (emits then) "} else\n{" (emits else) "}\n")))))
(defmethod emit :throw
[{:keys [throw env]}]
(if (= :expr (:context env))
(print (str "(function(){throw " (emits throw) "})()"))
(print (str "throw " (emits throw) ";\n"))))
(defn emit-comment
"Emit a nicely formatted comment string."
[doc jsdoc]
(let [docs (when doc [doc])
docs (if jsdoc (concat docs jsdoc) docs)
docs (remove nil? docs)]
(letfn [(print-comment-lines [e] (doseq [next-line (string/split-lines e)]
(println "*" (string/trim next-line))))]
(when (seq docs)
(println "/**")
(doseq [e docs]
(when e
(print-comment-lines e)))
(println "*/")))))
(defmethod emit :def
[{:keys [name init env doc export]}]
(when init
(emit-comment doc (:jsdoc init))
(print name)
(print (str " = " (emits init)))
(when-not (= :expr (:context env)) (print ";\n"))
(when export
(println (str "goog.exportSymbol('" export "', " name ");")))))
(defn emit-apply-to
[{:keys [name params env]}]
(let [arglist (gensym "arglist__")]
(println (str "(function (" arglist "){"))
(doseq [[i param] (map-indexed vector (butlast params))]
(print (str "var " param " = cljs.core.first("))
(dotimes [_ i] (print ""))
(print (str arglist ")"))
(dotimes [_ i] (print ")"))
(println ";"))
(when (< 1 (count params))
(print (str "var " (last params) " =")))
(dotimes [_ (- (count params) 2)] (print ""))
(print arglist)
(dotimes [_ (- (count params) 2)] (print ")"))
(when (< 1 (count params))
(print ")"))
(println ";")
(println (str "return " name ".call(" (string/join ", " (cons "null" params)) ");"))
(print "})")))
(defn emit-fn-method
[{:keys [gthis name variadic params statements ret env recurs max-fixed-arity]}]
(emit-wrap env
(print (str "(function " name "(" (comma-sep params) "){\n"))
(when gthis
(println (str "var " gthis " = this;")))
(when recurs (print "while(true){\n"))
(emit-block :return statements ret)
(when recurs (print "break;\n}\n"))
(print "})")))
(defn emit-variadic-fn-method
[{:keys [gthis name variadic params statements ret env recurs max-fixed-arity]}]
(emit-wrap env
(print (str "(function " name "(" (comma-sep
(if variadic
(concat (butlast params) ['var_args])
params)) "){\n"))
(when gthis
(println (str "var " gthis " = this;")))
(when variadic
(println (str "var " (last params) " = cljs.core.array_seq(, " (dec (count params)) "),0);"))
#_(println (str (last params) " =, " (dec (count params)) ");")))
(when recurs (print "while(true){\n"))
(emit-block :return statements ret)
(when recurs (print "break;\n}\n"))
(print "})")))
(defmethod emit :fn
[{:keys [name env methods max-fixed-arity variadic]}]
;;fn statements get erased, serve no purpose and can pollute scope if named
(when-not (= :statement (:context env))
(if (= 1 (count methods))
(if variadic
(emit-variadic-fn-method (assoc (first methods) :name name))
(emit-fn-method (assoc (first methods) :name name)))
(let [name (or name (gensym))
maxparams (apply max-key count (map :params methods))
mmap (zipmap (repeatedly #(gensym (str name "__"))) methods)
ms (sort-by #(-> % second :params count) (seq mmap))]
(when (= :return (:context env))
(print "return "))
(println "(function() {")
(println (str "var " name " = null;"))
(doseq [[n meth] ms]
(println (str "var " n " = " (with-out-str (if (:variadic meth)
(emit-variadic-fn-method meth)
(emit-fn-method meth))) ";")))
(println (str name " = function(" (comma-sep (if variadic
(concat (butlast maxparams) ['var_args])
maxparams)) "){"))
(when variadic
(println (str "var " (last maxparams) " = var_args;")))
(println "switch(arguments.length){")
(doseq [[n meth] ms]
(if (:variadic meth)
(do (println "default:")
(println (str "return " n ".apply(this,arguments);")))
(let [pcnt (count (:params meth))]
(println "case " pcnt ":")
(println (str "return " n ".call(this" (if (zero? pcnt) nil
(str "," (comma-sep (take pcnt maxparams)))) ");")))))
(println "}")
(println "throw('Invalid arity: ' + arguments.length);")
(println "};")
(when variadic
(println (str name ".cljs$lang$maxFixedArity = " max-fixed-arity ";"))
(println (str name ".cljs$lang$applyTo = "
(some (fn [[n meth]]
(when (:variadic meth)
(assoc meth :name n)))
(println (str "return " name ";"))
(println "})()")))))
(defmethod emit :do
[{:keys [statements ret env]}]
(let [context (:context env)]
(when (and statements (= :expr context)) (print "(function (){"))
;(when statements (print "{\n"))
(emit-block context statements ret)
;(when statements (print "}"))
(when (and statements (= :expr context)) (print "})()"))))
(defmethod emit :try*
[{:keys [env try catch name finally]}]
(let [context (:context env)
subcontext (if (= :expr context) :return context)]
(if (or name finally)
(when (= :expr context) (print "(function (){"))
(print "try{")
(let [{:keys [statements ret]} try]
(emit-block subcontext statements ret))
(print "}")
(when name
(print (str "catch (" name "){"))
(when catch
(let [{:keys [statements ret]} catch]
(emit-block subcontext statements ret)))
(print "}"))
(when finally
(let [{:keys [statements ret]} finally]
(assert (not= :constant (:op ret)) "finally block cannot contain constant")
(print "finally {")
(emit-block subcontext statements ret)
(print "}")))
(when (= :expr context) (print "})()")))
(let [{:keys [statements ret]} try]
(when (and statements (= :expr context)) (print "(function (){"))
(emit-block subcontext statements ret)
(when (and statements (= :expr context)) (print "})()"))))))
(defmethod emit :let
[{:keys [bindings statements ret env loop]}]
(let [context (:context env)
bs (map (fn [{:keys [name init]}]
(str "var " name " = " (emits init) ";\n"))
(when (= :expr context) (print "(function (){"))
(print (str (apply str bs) "\n"))
(when loop (print "while(true){\n"))
(emit-block (if (= :expr context) :return context) statements ret)
(when loop (print "break;\n}\n"))
;(print "}")
(when (= :expr context) (print "})()"))))
(defmethod emit :recur
[{:keys [frame exprs env]}]
(let [temps (vec (take (count exprs) (repeatedly gensym)))
names (:names frame)]
(print "{\n")
(dotimes [i (count exprs)]
(print (str "var " (temps i) " = " (emits (exprs i)) ";\n")))
(dotimes [i (count exprs)]
(print (str (names i) " = " (temps i) ";\n")))
(print "continue;\n")
(print "}\n")))
(defmethod emit :invoke
[{:keys [f args env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(print (str (emits f) ".call("
(comma-sep (cons "null" (map emits args)))
(defmethod emit :new
[{:keys [ctor args env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(print (str "(new " (emits ctor) "("
(comma-sep (map emits args))
(defmethod emit :set!
[{:keys [target val env]}]
(emit-wrap env (print (str (emits target) " = "(emits val)))))
(defmethod emit :ns
[{:keys [name requires requires-macros env]}]
(println (str "goog.provide('" name "');"))
(when-not (= name 'cljs.core)
(println (str "goog.require('cljs.core');")))
(doseq [lib (vals requires)]
(println (str "goog.require('" lib "');"))))
(defmethod emit :deftype*
[{:keys [t fields]}]
(let [fields (map munge fields)]
(println "\n/**\n* @constructor\n*/")
(println (str t " = (function (" (comma-sep (map str fields)) "){"))
(doseq [fld fields]
(println (str "this." fld " = " fld ";")))
(println "})")))
(defmethod emit :dot
[{:keys [target field method args env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(if field
(print (str (emits target) "." field))
(print (str (emits target) "." method "("
(comma-sep (map emits args))
(defmethod emit :js
[{:keys [env code segs args]}]
(emit-wrap env
(if code
(print code)
(print (apply str (interleave (concat segs (repeat nil))
(concat (map emits args) [nil])))))))
(declare analyze analyze-symbol analyze-seq)
(def specials '#{if def fn* do let* loop* throw try* recur new set! ns deftype* . js* & quote})
(def ^:dynamic *recur-frame* nil)
(defmacro disallowing-recur [& body]
`(binding [*recur-frame* nil] ~@body))
(defn analyze-block
"returns {:statements .. :ret .. :children ..}"
[env exprs]
(let [statements (disallowing-recur
(seq (map #(analyze (assoc env :context :statement) %) (butlast exprs))))
ret (if (<= (count exprs) 1)
(analyze env (first exprs))
(analyze (assoc env :context (if (= :statement (:context env)) :statement :return)) (last exprs)))]
{:statements statements :ret ret :children (vec (cons ret statements))}))
(defmulti parse (fn [op & rest] op))
(defmethod parse 'if
[op env [_ test then else :as form] name]
(let [test-expr (disallowing-recur (analyze (assoc env :context :expr) test))
then-expr (analyze env then)
else-expr (analyze env else)]
{:env env :op :if :form form
:test test-expr :then then-expr :else else-expr
:children [test-expr then-expr else-expr]}))
(defmethod parse 'throw
[op env [_ throw :as form] name]
(let [throw-expr (disallowing-recur (analyze (assoc env :context :expr) throw))]
{:env env :op :throw :form form
:throw throw-expr
:children [throw-expr]}))
(defmethod parse 'try*
[op env [_ & body :as form] name]
(let [body (vec body)
catchenv (update-in env [:context] #(if (= :expr %) :return %))
tail (peek body)
fblock (when (and (seq? tail) (= 'finally (first tail)))
(rest tail))
finally (when fblock
(assoc env :context :statement)
body (if finally (pop body) body)
tail (peek body)
cblock (when (and (seq? tail)
(= 'catch (first tail)))
(rest tail))
name (first cblock)
locals (:locals catchenv)
mname (when name (munge name))
locals (if name
(assoc locals name {:name mname})
catch (when cblock
(analyze-block (assoc catchenv :locals locals) (rest cblock)))
body (if name (pop body) body)
try (when body
(analyze-block (if (or name finally) catchenv env) body))]
(when name (assert (not (namespace name)) "Can't qualify symbol in catch"))
{:env env :op :try* :form form
:try try
:finally finally
:name mname
:catch catch
:children [try {:name mname} catch finally]}))
(defmethod parse 'def
[op env form name]
(let [pfn (fn ([_ sym] {:sym sym})
([_ sym init] {:sym sym :init init})
([_ sym doc init] {:sym sym :doc doc :init init}))
args (apply pfn form)
sym (:sym args)]
(assert (not (namespace sym)) "Can't def ns-qualified name")
(let [name (munge (:name (resolve-var (dissoc env :locals) sym)))
init-expr (when (contains? args :init) (disallowing-recur
(analyze (assoc env :context :expr) (:init args) sym)))
export-as (when-let [export-val (-> sym meta :export)]
(if (= true export-val) name export-val))
doc (or (:doc args) (-> sym meta :doc))]
(swap! namespaces assoc-in [(-> env :ns :name) :defs sym] name)
(merge {:env env :op :def :form form
:name name :doc doc :init init-expr}
(when init-expr {:children [init-expr]})
(when export-as {:export export-as})))))
(defn- analyze-fn-method [env locals meth]
(let [params (first meth)
fields (-> params meta ::fields)
variadic (boolean (some '#{&} params))
params (remove '#{&} params)
fixed-arity (count (if variadic (butlast params) params))
body (next meth)
gthis (and fields (gensym "this__"))
locals (reduce (fn [m fld] (assoc m fld {:name (symbol (str gthis "." (munge fld)))})) locals fields)
locals (reduce (fn [m name] (assoc m name {:name (munge name)})) locals params)
recur-frame {:names (vec (map munge params)) :flag (atom nil)}
block (binding [*recur-frame* recur-frame]
(analyze-block (assoc env :context :return :locals locals) body))]
(merge {:env env :variadic variadic :params (map munge params) :max-fixed-arity fixed-arity :gthis gthis :recurs @(:flag recur-frame)} block)))
(defmethod parse 'fn*
[op env [_ & args] name]
(let [[name meths] (if (symbol? (first args))
[(first args) (next args)]
[name (seq args)])
;;turn (fn [] ...) into (fn ([]...))
meths (if (vector? (first meths)) (list meths) meths)
mname (when name (munge name))
locals (:locals env)
locals (if name (assoc locals name {:name mname}) locals)
menv (if (> (count meths) 1) (assoc env :context :expr) env)
methods (map #(analyze-fn-method menv locals %) meths)
max-fixed-arity (apply max (map :max-fixed-arity methods))
variadic (boolean (some :variadic methods))]
;;(assert (= 1 (count methods)) "Arity overloading not yet supported")
;;todo - validate unique arities, at most one variadic, variadic takes max required args
{:env env :op :fn :name mname :methods methods :variadic variadic
:jsdoc [(when variadic "@param {...*} var_args")]
:max-fixed-arity max-fixed-arity}))
(defmethod parse 'do
[op env [_ & exprs] _]
(merge {:env env :op :do} (analyze-block env exprs)))
(defn analyze-let
[encl-env [_ bindings & exprs :as form] is-loop]
(assert (and (vector? bindings) (even? (count bindings))) "bindings must be vector of even number of elements")
(let [context (:context encl-env)
[bes env]
(loop [bes []
env (assoc encl-env :context :expr)
bindings (seq (partition 2 bindings))]
(if-let [[name init] (first bindings)]
(assert (not (or (namespace name) (.contains (str name) "."))) (str "Invalid local name: " name))
(let [init-expr (analyze env init)
be {:name (gensym (str (munge name) "__")) :init init-expr}]
(recur (conj bes be)
(assoc-in env [:locals name] be)
(next bindings))))
[bes env])))
recur-frame (when is-loop {:names (vec (map :name bes)) :flag (atom nil)})
{:keys [statements ret children]}
(binding [*recur-frame* (or recur-frame *recur-frame*)]
(analyze-block (assoc env :context (if (= :expr context) :return context)) exprs))]
{:env encl-env :op :let :loop is-loop
:bindings bes :statements statements :ret ret :form form :children (into [children] (map :init bes))}))
(defmethod parse 'let*
[op encl-env form _]
(analyze-let encl-env form false))
(defmethod parse 'loop*
[op encl-env form _]
(analyze-let encl-env form true))
(defmethod parse 'recur
[op env [_ & exprs] _]
(let [context (:context env)]
(assert *recur-frame* "Can't recur here")
(assert (= (count exprs) (count (:names *recur-frame*))) "recur argument count mismatch")
(reset! (:flag *recur-frame*) true)
(assoc {:env env :op :recur}
:frame *recur-frame*
:exprs (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze (assoc env :context :expr) %) exprs))))))
(defmethod parse 'quote
[_ env [_ x] _]
{:op :constant :env env :form x})
(defmethod parse 'new
[_ env [_ ctor & args] _]
(let [enve (assoc env :context :expr)
ctorexpr (analyze enve ctor)
argexprs (vec (map #(analyze enve %) args))]
{:env env :op :new :ctor ctorexpr :args argexprs :children (conj argexprs ctorexpr)})))
(defmethod parse 'set!
[_ env [_ target val] _]
(let [enve (assoc env :context :expr)
targetexpr (if (symbol? target)
(assert (nil? (-> env :locals target))
"Can't set! local var")
(analyze-symbol enve target))
(when (seq? target)
(let [targetexpr (analyze-seq enve target nil)]
(when (:field targetexpr)
valexpr (analyze enve val)]
(assert targetexpr "set! target must be a field or a symbol naming a var")
{:env env :op :set! :target targetexpr :val valexpr :children [targetexpr valexpr]})))
(defmethod parse 'ns
[_ env [_ name & args] _]
(let [excludes
(reduce (fn [s [k exclude xs]]
(if (= k :refer-clojure)
(assert (= exclude :exclude) "Only [:refer-clojure :exclude [names]] form supported")
(into s xs))
#{} args)
{requires :require requires-macros :require-macros :as params}
(reduce (fn [m [k & libs]]
(assoc m k (into {}
(map (fn [[lib as alias]]
(assert (and alias (= :as as)) "Only [lib.ns :as alias] form supported")
[alias lib])
{} (remove (fn [[r]] (= r :refer-clojure)) args))]
(set! *cljs-ns* name)
(require 'cljs.core)
(doseq [nsym (vals requires-macros)]
(clojure.core/require nsym))
(swap! namespaces #(-> %
(assoc-in [name :name] name)
(assoc-in [name :excludes] excludes)
(assoc-in [name :requires] requires)
(assoc-in [name :requires-macros]
(into {} (map (fn [[alias nsym]]
[alias (find-ns nsym)])
{:env env :op :ns :name name :requires requires
:requires-macros requires-macros :excludes excludes}))
(defmethod parse 'deftype*
[_ env [_ tsym fields] _]
(let [t (munge (:name (resolve-var (dissoc env :locals) tsym)))]
(swap! namespaces assoc-in [(-> env :ns :name) :defs tsym] t)
{:env env :op :deftype* :t t :fields fields}))
(defmethod parse '.
[_ env [_ target & member+] _]
(let [enve (assoc env :context :expr)
targetexpr (analyze enve target)
children [enve]]
(if (and (symbol? (first member+)) (nil? (next member+))) ;;(. target field)
{:env env :op :dot :target targetexpr :field (munge (first member+)) :children children}
(let [[method args]
(if (symbol? (first member+))
[(first member+) (next member+)]
[(ffirst member+) (nfirst member+)])
argexprs (map #(analyze enve %) args)]
{:env env :op :dot :target targetexpr :method (munge method) :args argexprs :children (into children argexprs)})))))
(defmethod parse 'js*
[op env [_ form & args] _]
(assert (string? form))
(if args
(let [seg (fn seg [^String s]
(let [idx (.indexOf s "~{")]
(if (= -1 idx)
(list s)
(let [end (.indexOf s "}" idx)]
(cons (subs s 0 idx) (seg (subs s (inc end))))))))
enve (assoc env :context :expr)
argexprs (vec (map #(analyze enve %) args))]
{:env env :op :js :segs (seg form) :args argexprs :children argexprs}))
(let [interp (fn interp [^String s]
(let [idx (.indexOf s "~{")]
(if (= -1 idx)
(list s)
(let [end (.indexOf s "}" idx)
inner (:name (resolve-existing-var env (symbol (subs s (+ 2 idx) end))))]
(cons (subs s 0 idx) (cons inner (interp (subs s (inc end)))))))))]
{:env env :op :js :code (apply str (interp form))})))
(defn parse-invoke
[env [f & args]]
(let [enve (assoc env :context :expr)
fexpr (analyze enve f)
argexprs (vec (map #(analyze enve %) args))]
{:env env :op :invoke :f fexpr :args argexprs :children (conj argexprs fexpr)})))
(defn analyze-symbol
"Finds the var associated with sym"
[env sym]
(let [ret {:env env :form sym}
lb (-> env :locals sym)]
(if lb
(assoc ret :op :var :info lb)
(assoc ret :op :var :info (resolve-existing-var env sym)))))
(defn get-expander [sym env]
(let [mvar
(when-not (-> env :locals sym) ;locals hide macros
(if-let [nstr (namespace sym)]
(when-let [nsym (cond
(= "clojure.core" nstr) 'cljs.core
(.contains nstr ".") (symbol nstr)
(-> env :ns :requires-macros (get (symbol nstr))))]
(and (find-ns nsym) (.findInternedVar ^clojure.lang.Namespace (find-ns nsym) (symbol (name sym)))))
(.findInternedVar ^clojure.lang.Namespace (find-ns 'cljs.core) sym)))]
(when (and mvar (.isMacro ^clojure.lang.Var mvar))
(defn macroexpand-1 [env form]
(let [op (first form)]
(if (specials op)
(if-let [mac (and (symbol? op) (get-expander op env))]
(apply mac form env (rest form))
(if (symbol? op)
(let [opname (str op)]
(= (first opname) \.) (let [[target & args] (next form)]
(list* '. target (symbol (subs opname 1)) args))
(= (last opname) \.) (list* 'new (symbol (subs opname 0 (dec (count opname)))) (next form))
:else form))
(defn analyze-seq
[env form name]
(let [env (assoc env :line (-> form meta :line))]
(let [op (first form)]
(assert (not (nil? op)) "Can't call nil")
(let [mform (macroexpand-1 env form)]
(if (identical? form mform)
(if (specials op)
(parse op env form name)
(parse-invoke env form))
(analyze env mform name))))))
(declare analyze-wrap-meta)
(defn analyze-map
[env form name]
(let [expr-env (assoc env :context :expr)
simple-keys? (every? #(or (string? %) (keyword? %))
(keys form))
ks (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze expr-env % name) (keys form))))
vs (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze expr-env % name) (vals form))))]
(analyze-wrap-meta {:op :map :env env :form form :children (vec (concat ks vs))
:keys ks :vals vs :simple-keys? simple-keys?}
(defn analyze-vector
[env form name]
(let [expr-env (assoc env :context :expr)
items (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze expr-env % name) form)))]
(analyze-wrap-meta {:op :vector :env env :form form :children items} name)))
(defn analyze-set
[env form name]
(let [expr-env (assoc env :context :expr)
items (disallowing-recur (vec (map #(analyze expr-env % name) form)))]
(analyze-wrap-meta {:op :set :env env :form form :children items} name)))
(defn analyze-wrap-meta [expr name]
(let [form (:form expr)]
(if (meta form)
(let [env (:env expr) ; take on expr's context ourselves
expr (assoc-in expr [:env :context] :expr) ; change expr to :expr
meta-expr (analyze-map (:env expr) (meta form) name)]
{:op :meta :env env :form form :children [meta-expr expr]
:meta meta-expr :expr expr})
(defn analyze
"Given an environment, a map containing {:locals (mapping of names to bindings), :context
(one of :statement, :expr, :return), :ns (a symbol naming the
compilation ns)}, and form, returns an expression object (a map
containing at least :form, :op and :env keys). If expr has any (immediately)
nested exprs, must have :children [exprs...] entry. This will
facilitate code walking without knowing the details of the op set."
([env form] (analyze env form nil))
([env form name]
(let [form (if (instance? clojure.lang.LazySeq form)
(or (seq form) ())
(symbol? form) (analyze-symbol env form)
(and (seq? form) (seq form)) (analyze-seq env form name)
(map? form) (analyze-map env form name)
(vector? form) (analyze-vector env form name)
(set? form) (analyze-set env form name)
:else {:op :constant :env env :form form}))))
(defn eval1
[repl-env env form]
(let [ast (analyze env form)
js (emits ast)
jse ^javax.script.ScriptEngine (:jse repl-env)]
(when *cljs-verbose*
(print js))
(let [filename (.get jse javax.script.ScriptEngine/FILENAME)
linenum (or (:line (meta form)) Integer/MIN_VALUE)
ctx (]
(.evaluateString ctx (:global repl-env) js filename linenum nil)
(catch Throwable ex
;;we eat ns errors because we know goog.provide() will throw when reloaded
;;TODO - file bug with google, this is bs error
;;this is what you get when you try to 'teach new developers' via errors (goog/base.js 104)
(when-not (and (seq? form) (= 'ns (first form)))
(prn "Error evaluating:" form :as js)
(.printStackTrace ex)
#_(println (str ex))))))
(catch Throwable ex
(.printStackTrace ex)
(println (str ex)))))
(defn load-stream [repl-env stream]
(with-open [r (io/reader stream)]
(let [env {:ns (@namespaces *cljs-ns*) :context :statement :locals {}}
pbr (clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader. r)
eof (Object.)]
(loop [r (read pbr false eof false)]
(let [env (assoc env :ns (@namespaces *cljs-ns*))]
(when-not (identical? eof r)
(eval1 repl-env env r)
(recur (read pbr false eof false))))))))
(defn load-file
[repl-env f]
(binding [*cljs-ns* 'cljs.user]
(let [res (if (= \/ (first f)) f (io/resource f))]
(assert res (str "Can't find " f " in classpath"))
(.put ^javax.script.ScriptEngine (:jse repl-env)
javax.script.ScriptEngine/FILENAME f)
(load-stream repl-env res))))
(def loaded-libs (atom #{}))
(defn goog-require [repl-env rule]
(when-not (contains? @loaded-libs rule)
(let [jse ^javax.script.ScriptEngine (:jse repl-env)
path (string/replace (munge rule) \.
cljs-path (str path ".cljs")
js-path (str "goog/" (.eval jse (str "goog.dependencies_.nameToPath['" rule "']")))]
(if-let [res (io/resource cljs-path)]
(binding [*cljs-ns* 'cljs.user]
(load-stream repl-env res))
(if-let [res (io/resource js-path)]
(.eval jse (io/reader res))
(throw (Exception. (str "Cannot find " cljs-path " or " js-path " in classpath")))))
(swap! loaded-libs conj rule))))
(defn repl-env
"Returns a fresh JS environment, suitable for passing to repl.
Hang on to return for use across repl calls."
(let [jse (-> (javax.script.ScriptEngineManager.) (.getEngineByName "JavaScript"))
base (io/resource "goog/base.js")
deps (io/resource "goog/deps.js")
new-repl-env {:jse jse :global (.eval jse "this")}]
(assert base "Can't find goog/base.js in classpath")
(assert deps "Can't find goog/deps.js in classpath")
(.put jse javax.script.ScriptEngine/FILENAME "goog/base.js")
(.put jse "cljs_javascript_engine" new-repl-env)
(with-open [r (io/reader base)]
(.eval jse r))
(.eval jse bootjs)
;; Load deps.js line-by-line to avoid 64K method limit
(doseq [^String line (line-seq (io/reader deps))]
(.eval jse line))
(defn repl
"Note - repl will reload core.cljs every time, even if supplied old repl-env"
[repl-env & {:keys [verbose warn-on-undeclared]}]
(prn "Type: " :cljs/quit " to quit")
(binding [*cljs-ns* 'cljs.user
*cljs-verbose* verbose
*cljs-warn-on-undeclared* warn-on-undeclared]
(let [env {:context :statement :locals {}}]
(load-file repl-env "cljs/core.cljs")
(eval1 repl-env (assoc env :ns (@namespaces *cljs-ns*))
'(ns cljs.user))
(.put ^javax.script.ScriptEngine (:jse repl-env)
javax.script.ScriptEngine/FILENAME "<cljs repl>")
(loop []
(print (str "ClojureScript:" *cljs-ns* "> "))
(let [form (read)]
(= form :cljs/quit) :quit
(and (seq? form) (= (first form) 'in-ns))
(do (set! *cljs-ns* (second (second form))) (newline) (recur))
(and (seq? form) ('#{load-file clojure.core/load-file} (first form)))
(do (load-file repl-env (second form)) (newline) (recur))
(let [ret (eval1 repl-env
(assoc env :ns (@namespaces *cljs-ns*))
(list 'cljs.core.prn form)
;(list ' form)
;(newline) (flush)
;;(prn (if (nil? ret) nil ret))
(defn forms-seq
"Seq of forms in a Clojure or ClojureScript file."
(forms-seq f ( (io/reader f))))
([f ^ rdr]
(if-let [form (read rdr nil nil)]
(lazy-seq (cons form (forms-seq f rdr)))
(.close rdr))))
(defn rename-to-js
"Change the file extension from .cljs to .js. Takes a File or a
String. Always returns a String."
(clojure.string/replace file-str #".cljs$" ".js"))
(defn compile-file
"Compiles src to a file of the same name, but with a .js extension,
in the src file's directory.
With dest argument, write file to provided location. If the dest
argument is a file outside the source tree, missing parent
directories will be created.
Both src and dest may be either a String or a File.
Returns a map containing the namespace and dependencies for this
(let [dest (rename-to-js src)]
(compile-file src dest)))
([src dest]
(let [src-file (io/file src)
dest-file (io/file dest)]
(if (.exists src-file)
(do (when-not (:defs (get @namespaces 'cljs.core))
(load-file (repl-env) "cljs/core.cljs"))
(.mkdirs (.getParentFile (.getCanonicalFile dest-file)))
(with-open [out ^ (io/make-writer dest-file {})]
(binding [*out* out
*cljs-ns* 'cljs.user]
(loop [forms (forms-seq src-file)
ns-name nil
deps nil]
(if (seq forms)
(let [env {:ns (@namespaces *cljs-ns*) :context :statement :locals {}}
ast (analyze env (first forms))]
(do (emit ast)
(if (= (:op ast) :ns)
(recur (rest forms) (:name ast) (:requires ast))
(recur (rest forms) ns-name deps))))
{:ns (or ns-name 'cljs.user)
:provides [ns-name]
:requires (if (= ns-name 'cljs.core) (vals deps) (conj (vals deps) 'cljs.core))
:file dest-file})))))
(throw ( (str "The file " src " does not exist.")))))))
;; flex compile-file
(compile-file "/tmp/hello.cljs" "/tmp/something.js")
(slurp "/tmp/hello.js")
(compile-file "/tmp/somescript.cljs")
(slurp "/tmp/somescript.js")))
(defn path-seq
(string/split file-str (re-pattern
(defn to-path
(apply str (interpose parts)))
(defn to-target-file
"Given the source root directory, the output target directory and
file under the source root, produce the target file."
[^ dir ^String target ^ file]
(let [dir-path (path-seq (.getAbsolutePath dir))
file-path (path-seq (.getAbsolutePath file))
relative-path (drop (count dir-path) file-path)
parents (butlast relative-path)
parent-file ( ^String (to-path (cons target parents)))]
( parent-file ^String (rename-to-js (last relative-path)))))
(defn dependency-order-visit
[state ns-name]
(let [file (get state ns-name)]
(if (or (:visited file) (nil? file))
(let [state (assoc-in state [ns-name :visited] true)
deps (:requires file)
state (reduce dependency-order-visit state deps)]
(assoc state :order (conj (:order state) file))))))
(defn dependency-order
"Given a list of maps like
[{:ns a :requires (a c)} ...]
sort the list into dependency order."
(let [state (reduce (fn [m next] (assoc m (:ns next) next)) {} coll)]
(:order (reduce dependency-order-visit (assoc state :order []) (map :ns coll)))))
(defn compile-root
"Looks recursively in src-dir for .cljs files and compiles them to
.js files. If target-dir is provided, output will go into this
directory mirroring the source directory structure. Returns a list
of maps containing information about each file which was compiled
in dependency order."
(compile-root src-dir "out"))
([src-dir target-dir]
(let [src-dir-file (io/file src-dir)
cljs-files (filter #(.endsWith (.getName ^ %) ".cljs") (file-seq src-dir-file))]
(loop [cljs-files cljs-files
output-files []]
(if (seq cljs-files)
(let [cljs-file (first cljs-files)
output-file ^ (to-target-file src-dir-file target-dir cljs-file)
ns-info (compile-file cljs-file output-file)]
(recur (rest cljs-files) (conj output-files (assoc ns-info :file-name (.getPath output-file)))))
(dependency-order output-files))))))
;; compile-root
;; If you have a standard project layout with all file in src
(compile-root "src")
;; will produce a mirrored directory structure under "out" but all
;; files will be compiled to js.
;;the new way - use the REPL!!
(require '[cljs.compiler :as comp])
(def repl-env (comp/repl-env))
(comp/repl repl-env)
;having problems?, try verbose mode
(comp/repl repl-env :verbose true)
;don't forget to check for uses of undeclared vars
(comp/repl repl-env :warn-on-undeclared true)
(+ 1 2 3)
([ 1 2 3 4] 2)
({:a 1 :b 2} :a)
({1 1 2 2} 1)
(#{1 2 3} 2)
(:b {:a 1 :b 2})
('b '{:a 1 b 2})
(extend-type number ISeq (-seq [x] x))
(seq 42)
;(aset cljs.core.ISeq "number" true)
;(aget cljs.core.ISeq "number")
(satisfies? ISeq 42)
(extend-type nil ISeq (-seq [x] x))
(satisfies? ISeq nil)
(seq nil)
(extend-type default ISeq (-seq [x] x))
(satisfies? ISeq true)
(seq true)
(array-seq [])
(defn f [& etc] etc)
(in-ns 'cljs.core)
;;hack on core
(deftype Foo [a] IMeta (-meta [_] (fn [] a)))
((-meta (Foo. 42)))
;;OLD way, don't you want to use the REPL?
(in-ns 'cljs.compiler)
(import '[javax.script ScriptEngineManager])
(def jse (-> (ScriptEngineManager.) (.getEngineByName "JavaScript")))
(.eval jse cljs.compiler/bootjs)
(def envx {:ns (@namespaces 'cljs.user) :context :expr :locals '{ethel {:name ethel__123 :init nil}}})
(analyze envx nil)
(analyze envx 42)
(analyze envx "foo")
(analyze envx 'fred)
(analyze envx 'fred.x)
(analyze envx 'ethel)
(analyze envx 'ethel.x)
(analyze envx 'my.ns/fred)
(analyze envx 'your.ns.fred)
(analyze envx '(if test then else))
(analyze envx '(if test then))
(analyze envx '(and fred ethel))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :statement) '(def test "fortytwo" 42))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :expr) '(fn* ^{::fields [a b c]} [x y] a y x))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :statement) '(let* [a 1 b 2] a))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :statement) '(defprotocol P (bar [a]) (baz [b c])))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :statement) '(. x y))
(analyze envx '(fn foo [x] (let [x 42] (js* "~{x}['foobar']"))))
(analyze envx '(ns fred (:require [your.ns :as yn]) (:require-macros [clojure.core :as core])))
(defmacro js [form]
`(emit (analyze {:ns (@namespaces 'cljs.user) :context :statement :locals {}} '~form)))
(defn jseval [form]
(let [js (emits (analyze {:ns (@namespaces 'cljs.user) :context :expr :locals {}}
;;(prn js)
(.eval jse (str "print(" js ")"))))
(defn jscapture [form]
"just grabs the js, doesn't print it"
(emits (analyze {:ns (@namespaces 'cljs.user) :context :expr :locals {}} form)))
;; from closure.clj
(optimize (jscapture '(defn foo [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x)))))
(js (if a b c))
(js (def x 42))
(js (defn foo [a b] a))
(js (do 1 2 3))
(js (let [a 1 b 2 a b] a))
(js (ns fred (:require [your.ns :as yn]) (:require-macros [cljs.core :as core])))
(js (def foo? (fn* ^{::fields [a? b c]} [x y] (if true a? (recur 1 x)))))
(js (def foo (fn* ^{::fields [a b c]} [x y] (if true a (recur 1 x)))))
(js (defn foo [x y] (if true x y)))
(jseval '(defn foo [x y] (if true x y)))
(js (defn foo [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x))))
(jseval '(defn foo [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x))))
(jseval '(foo 1 2))
(js (and fred ethel))
(jseval '(ns fred (:require [your.ns :as yn]) (:require-macros [cljs.core :as core])))
(js (def x 42))
(jseval '(def x 42))
(jseval 'x)
(jseval '(if 42 1 2))
(jseval '(or 1 2))
(jseval '(fn* [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x))))
(.eval jse "print(test)")
(.eval jse "print(cljs.user.Foo)")
(.eval jse "print(cljs.user.Foo = function (){\n}\n)")
(js (def fred 42))
(js (deftype* Foo [a b-foo c]))
(jseval '(deftype* Foo [a b-foo c]))
(jseval '(. (new Foo 1 2 3) b-foo))
(js (. (new Foo 1 2 3) b))
(.eval jse "print(new cljs.user.Foo(1, 42, 3).b)")
(.eval jse "(function (x, ys){return, 1);})(1,2)[0]")
(macroexpand-1 '(cljs.core/deftype Foo [a b c] Fred (fred [x] a) (fred [x y] b) (ethel [x] c) Ethel (foo [] d)))
(-> (macroexpand-1 '(cljs.core/deftype Foo [a b c] Fred (fred [x] a) (fred [x y] b) (ethel [x] c) Ethel (foo [] d)))
last last last first meta)
(macroexpand-1 '(cljs.core/extend-type Foo Fred (fred ([x] a) ([x y] b)) (ethel ([x] c)) Ethel (foo ([] d))))
(js (new foo.Bar 65))
(js (defprotocol P (bar [a]) (baz [b c])))
(js (. x y))
(js (. "fred" (y)))
(js (. x y 42 43))
(js (.. a b c d))
(js (. x (y 42 43)))
(js (fn [x] x))
(js (fn ([t] t) ([x y] y) ([ a b & zs] b)))
(js (. (fn foo ([t] t) ([x y] y) ([a b & zs] b)) call nil 1 2))
(js (fn foo
([t] t)
([x y] y)
([ a b & zs] b)))
(js ((fn foo
([t] (foo t nil))
([x y] y)
([ a b & zs] b)) 1 2 3))
(jseval '((fn foo ([t] t) ([x y] y) ([ a b & zs] zs)) 12 13 14 15))
(js (defn foo [this] this))
(js (defn foo [a b c & ys] ys))
(js ((fn [x & ys] ys) 1 2 3 4))
(jseval '((fn [x & ys] ys) 1 2 3 4))
(js (cljs.core/deftype Foo [a b c] Fred (fred [x] a) (fred [x y] a) (ethel [x] c) Ethel (foo [] d)))
(jseval '(cljs.core/deftype Foo [a b c] Fred (fred [x] a) (fred [x y] a) (ethel [x] c) Ethel (foo [] d)))
(js (do
(defprotocol Proto (foo [this]))
(deftype Type [a] Proto (foo [this] a))
(foo (new Type 42))))
(jseval '(do
(defprotocol P-roto (foo? [this]))
(deftype T-ype [a] P-roto (foo? [this] a))
(foo? (new T-ype 42))))
(js (def x (fn foo [x] (let [x 42] (js* "~{x}['foobar']")))))
(js (let [a 1 b 2 a b] a))
(doseq [e '[nil true false 42 "fred" fred ethel my.ns/fred your.ns.fred
(if test then "fooelse")
(def x 45)
(do x y y)
(fn* [x y] x y x)
(fn* [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x)))
(let* [a 1 b 2 a a] a b)
(do "do1")
(loop* [x 1 y 2] (if true 42 (do (recur 43 44))))
( 1 2 3)
(let* [a 1 b 2 c 3] (set! y.s.d b) (new fred.Ethel a b c))
(let [x (do 1 2 3)] x)
(->> e (analyze envx) emit)
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