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; Copyright (c) Rich Hickey. All rights reserved.
; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the
; Eclipse Public License 1.0 (
; which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution.
; By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by
; the terms of this license.
; You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
(ns cljs.compiler
(:refer-clojure :exclude [munge macroexpand-1])
(:require [ :as io]
[clojure.string :as string]
[cljs.tagged-literals :as tags]
[cljs.analyzer :as ana])
(:import java.lang.StringBuilder))
(declare munge)
(def js-reserved
#{"abstract" "boolean" "break" "byte" "case"
"catch" "char" "class" "const" "continue"
"debugger" "default" "delete" "do" "double"
"else" "enum" "export" "extends" "final"
"finally" "float" "for" "function" "goto" "if"
"implements" "import" "in" "instanceof" "int"
"interface" "let" "long" "native" "new"
"package" "private" "protected" "public"
"return" "short" "static" "super" "switch"
"synchronized" "this" "throw" "throws"
"transient" "try" "typeof" "var" "void"
"volatile" "while" "with" "yield" "methods"})
(def ^:dynamic *position* nil)
(def ^:dynamic *emitted-provides* nil)
(def ^:dynamic *lexical-renames* {})
(def cljs-reserved-file-names #{"deps.cljs"})
(defonce ns-first-segments (atom '#{"cljs" "clojure"}))
(defn munge
([s] (munge s js-reserved))
([s reserved]
(if (map? s)
; Unshadowing
(let [{:keys [name field] :as info} s
depth (loop [d 0, {:keys [shadow]} info]
shadow (recur (inc d) shadow)
(@ns-first-segments (str name)) (inc d)
:else d))
renamed (*lexical-renames* (System/identityHashCode s))
munged-name (munge (cond field (str "self__." name)
renamed renamed
:else name)
(if (or field (zero? depth))
(symbol (str munged-name "__$" depth))))
; String munging
(let [ss (string/replace (str s) #"\/(.)" ".$1") ; Division is special
ss (apply str (map #(if (reserved %) (str % "$") %)
(string/split ss #"(?<=\.)|(?=\.)")))
ms (clojure.lang.Compiler/munge ss)]
(if (symbol? s)
(symbol ms)
(defn- comma-sep [xs]
(interpose "," xs))
(defn- escape-char [^Character c]
(let [cp (.hashCode c)]
(case cp
; Handle printable escapes before ASCII
34 "\\\""
92 "\\\\"
; Handle non-printable escapes
8 "\\b"
12 "\\f"
10 "\\n"
13 "\\r"
9 "\\t"
(if (< 31 cp 127)
c ; Print simple ASCII characters
(format "\\u%04X" cp))))) ; Any other character is Unicode
(defn- escape-string [^CharSequence s]
(let [sb (StringBuilder. (count s))]
(doseq [c s]
(.append sb (escape-char c)))
(.toString sb)))
(defn- wrap-in-double-quotes [x]
(str \" x \"))
(defmulti emit :op)
(defn emits [& xs]
(doseq [x xs]
(nil? x) nil
(map? x) (emit x)
(seq? x) (apply emits x)
(fn? x) (x)
:else (do
(let [s (print-str x)]
(when *position*
(swap! *position* (fn [[line column]]
[line (+ column (count s))])))
(print s)))))
(defn ^String emit-str [expr]
(with-out-str (emit expr)))
(defn emitln [& xs]
(apply emits xs)
;; Prints column-aligned line number comments; good test of *position*.
;(when *position*
; (let [[line column] @*position*]
; (print (apply str (concat (repeat (- 120 column) \space) ["// " (inc line)])))))
(when *position*
(swap! *position* (fn [[line column]]
[(inc line) 0])))
(defn ^String emit-str [expr]
(with-out-str (emit expr)))
(defn emit-provide [sym]
(when-not (or (nil? *emitted-provides*) (contains? @*emitted-provides* sym))
(swap! *emitted-provides* conj sym)
(emitln "goog.provide('" (munge sym) "');")))
(defmulti emit-constant class)
(defmethod emit-constant nil [x] (emits "null"))
(defmethod emit-constant Long [x] (emits x))
(defmethod emit-constant Integer [x] (emits x)) ; reader puts Integers in metadata
(defmethod emit-constant Double [x] (emits x))
(defmethod emit-constant String [x]
(emits (wrap-in-double-quotes (escape-string x))))
(defmethod emit-constant Boolean [x] (emits (if x "true" "false")))
(defmethod emit-constant Character [x]
(emits (wrap-in-double-quotes (escape-char x))))
(defmethod emit-constant java.util.regex.Pattern [x]
(let [[_ flags pattern] (re-find #"^(?:\(\?([idmsux]*)\))?(.*)" (str x))]
(emits \/ (.replaceAll (re-matcher #"/" pattern) "\\\\/") \/ flags)))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.Keyword [x]
(emits \" "\\uFDD0" \'
(if (namespace x)
(str (namespace x) "/") "")
(name x)
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.Symbol [x]
(emits \" "\\uFDD1" \'
(if (namespace x)
(str (namespace x) "/") "")
(name x)
(defn- emit-meta-constant [x & body]
(if (meta x)
(emits "cljs.core.with_meta(" body ",")
(emit-constant (meta x))
(emits ")"))
(emits body)))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.PersistentList$EmptyList [x]
(emit-meta-constant x "cljs.core.List.EMPTY"))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.PersistentList [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(concat ["cljs.core.list("]
(comma-sep (map #(fn [] (emit-constant %)) x))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.Cons [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(concat ["cljs.core.list("]
(comma-sep (map #(fn [] (emit-constant %)) x))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.IPersistentVector [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(concat ["cljs.core.vec(["]
(comma-sep (map #(fn [] (emit-constant %)) x))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.IPersistentMap [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(concat ["cljs.core.hash_map("]
(comma-sep (map #(fn [] (emit-constant %))
(apply concat x)))
(defmethod emit-constant clojure.lang.PersistentHashSet [x]
(emit-meta-constant x
(concat ["cljs.core.set(["]
(comma-sep (map #(fn [] (emit-constant %)) x))
(defn emit-block
[context statements ret]
(when statements
(emits statements))
(emit ret))
(defmacro emit-wrap [env & body]
`(let [env# ~env]
(when (= :return (:context env#)) (emits "return "))
(when-not (= :expr (:context env#)) (emitln ";"))))
(defmethod emit :no-op [m])
(defmethod emit :var
[{:keys [info env] :as arg}]
(let [n (:name info)
n (if (= (namespace n) "js")
(name n)
(when-not (= :statement (:context env))
(emit-wrap env (emits (munge n))))))
(defmethod emit :meta
[{:keys [expr meta env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(emits "cljs.core.with_meta(" expr "," meta ")")))
(def ^:private array-map-threshold 16)
(def ^:private obj-map-threshold 32)
(defmethod emit :map
[{:keys [env simple-keys? keys vals]}]
(emit-wrap env
(zero? (count keys))
(emits "cljs.core.ObjMap.EMPTY")
(and simple-keys? (<= (count keys) obj-map-threshold))
(emits "cljs.core.ObjMap.fromObject(["
(comma-sep keys) ; keys
(comma-sep (map (fn [k v]
(with-out-str (emit k) (print ":") (emit v)))
keys vals)) ; js obj
(<= (count keys) array-map-threshold)
(emits "cljs.core.PersistentArrayMap.fromArrays(["
(comma-sep keys)
(comma-sep vals)
(emits "cljs.core.PersistentHashMap.fromArrays(["
(comma-sep keys)
(comma-sep vals)
(defmethod emit :vector
[{:keys [items env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(if (empty? items)
(emits "cljs.core.PersistentVector.EMPTY")
(emits "cljs.core.PersistentVector.fromArray(["
(comma-sep items) "], true)"))))
(defmethod emit :set
[{:keys [items env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(if (empty? items)
(emits "cljs.core.PersistentHashSet.EMPTY")
(emits "cljs.core.PersistentHashSet.fromArray(["
(comma-sep items) "])"))))
(defmethod emit :constant
[{:keys [form env]}]
(when-not (= :statement (:context env))
(emit-wrap env (emit-constant form))))
(defn get-tag [e]
(or (-> e :tag)
(-> e :info :tag)))
(defn infer-tag [e]
(if-let [tag (get-tag e)]
(case (:op e)
:let (infer-tag (:ret e))
:if (let [then-tag (infer-tag (:then e))
else-tag (infer-tag (:else e))]
(when (= then-tag else-tag)
:constant (case (:form e)
true 'boolean
false 'boolean
(defn safe-test? [e]
(let [tag (infer-tag e)]
(or (#{'boolean 'seq} tag)
(when (= (:op e) :constant)
(let [form (:form e)]
(not (or (and (string? form) (= form ""))
(and (number? form) (zero? form)))))))))
(defmethod emit :if
[{:keys [test then else env unchecked]}]
(let [context (:context env)
checked (not (or unchecked (safe-test? test)))]
(if (= :expr context)
(emits "(" (when checked "cljs.core.truth_") "(" test ")?" then ":" else ")")
(if checked
(emitln "if(cljs.core.truth_(" test "))")
(emitln "if(" test ")"))
(emitln "{" then "} else")
(emitln "{" else "}")))))
(defmethod emit :throw
[{:keys [throw env]}]
(if (= :expr (:context env))
(emits "(function(){throw " throw "})()")
(emitln "throw " throw ";")))
(defn emit-comment
"Emit a nicely formatted comment string."
[doc jsdoc]
(let [docs (when doc [doc])
docs (if jsdoc (concat docs jsdoc) docs)
docs (remove nil? docs)]
(letfn [(print-comment-lines [e] (doseq [next-line (string/split-lines e)]
(emitln "* " (string/trim next-line))))]
(when (seq docs)
(emitln "/**")
(doseq [e docs]
(when e
(print-comment-lines e)))
(emitln "*/")))))
(defmethod emit :def
[{:keys [name init env doc export]}]
(when init
(let [mname (munge name)]
(emit-comment doc (:jsdoc init))
(emits mname)
(emits " = " init)
(when-not (= :expr (:context env)) (emitln ";"))
(when export
(emitln "goog.exportSymbol('" (munge export) "', " mname ");")))))
(defn emit-apply-to
[{:keys [name params env]}]
(let [arglist (gensym "arglist__")
delegate-name (str (munge name) "__delegate")
params (map munge params)]
(emitln "(function (" arglist "){")
(doseq [[i param] (map-indexed vector (butlast params))]
(emits "var " param " = cljs.core.first(")
(dotimes [_ i] (emits ""))
(emits arglist ")")
(dotimes [_ i] (emits ")"))
(emitln ";"))
(if (< 1 (count params))
(emits "var " (last params) " =")
(dotimes [_ (- (count params) 2)] (emits ""))
(emits arglist)
(dotimes [_ (- (count params) 2)] (emits ")"))
(emitln ");")
(emitln "return " delegate-name "(" (string/join ", " params) ");"))
(emits "var " (last params) " = ")
(emits "cljs.core.seq(" arglist ");")
(emitln ";")
(emitln "return " delegate-name "(" (string/join ", " params) ");")))
(emits "})")))
(defn emit-fn-method
[{:keys [type name variadic params statements ret env recurs max-fixed-arity]}]
(emit-wrap env
(emitln "(function " (munge name) "(" (comma-sep (map munge params)) "){")
(when type
(emitln "var self__ = this;"))
(when recurs (emitln "while(true){"))
(emit-block :return statements ret)
(when recurs
(emitln "break;")
(emitln "}"))
(emits "})")))
(defn emit-variadic-fn-method
[{:keys [type name variadic params statements ret env recurs max-fixed-arity] :as f}]
(emit-wrap env
(let [name (or name (gensym))
mname (munge name)
params (map munge params)
delegate-name (str mname "__delegate")]
(emitln "(function() { ")
(emitln "var " delegate-name " = function (" (comma-sep params) "){")
(when recurs (emitln "while(true){"))
(emit-block :return statements ret)
(when recurs
(emitln "break;")
(emitln "}"))
(emitln "};")
(emitln "var " mname " = function (" (comma-sep
(if variadic
(concat (butlast params) ['var_args])
params)) "){")
(when type
(emitln "var self__ = this;"))
(when variadic
(emitln "var " (last params) " = null;")
(emitln "if (goog.isDef(var_args)) {")
(emitln " " (last params) " = cljs.core.array_seq(, " (dec (count params)) "),0);")
(emitln "} "))
(emitln "return " delegate-name ".call(" (string/join ", " (cons "this" params)) ");")
(emitln "};")
(emitln mname ".cljs$lang$maxFixedArity = " max-fixed-arity ";")
(emits mname ".cljs$lang$applyTo = ")
(emit-apply-to (assoc f :name name))
(emitln ";")
(emitln mname ".cljs$lang$arity$variadic = " delegate-name ";")
(emitln "return " mname ";")
(emitln "})()"))))
(defmethod emit :fn
[{:keys [name env methods max-fixed-arity variadic recur-frames loop-lets]}]
;;fn statements get erased, serve no purpose and can pollute scope if named
(when-not (= :statement (:context env))
(let [loop-locals (->> (concat (mapcat :params (filter #(and % @(:flag %)) recur-frames))
(mapcat :params loop-lets))
(map munge)
(when loop-locals
(when (= :return (:context env))
(emits "return "))
(emitln "((function (" (comma-sep (map munge loop-locals)) "){")
(when-not (= :return (:context env))
(emits "return ")))
(if (= 1 (count methods))
(if variadic
(emit-variadic-fn-method (assoc (first methods) :name name))
(emit-fn-method (assoc (first methods) :name name)))
(let [has-name? (and name true)
name (or name (gensym))
mname (munge name)
maxparams (map munge (apply max-key count (map :params methods)))
mmap (into {}
(map (fn [method]
[(munge (symbol (str mname "__" (count (:params method)))))
ms (sort-by #(-> % second :params count) (seq mmap))]
(when (= :return (:context env))
(emits "return "))
(emitln "(function() {")
(emitln "var " mname " = null;")
(doseq [[n meth] ms]
(emits "var " n " = ")
(if (:variadic meth)
(emit-variadic-fn-method meth)
(emit-fn-method meth))
(emitln ";"))
(emitln mname " = function(" (comma-sep (if variadic
(concat (butlast maxparams) ['var_args])
maxparams)) "){")
(when variadic
(emitln "var " (last maxparams) " = var_args;"))
(emitln "switch(arguments.length){")
(doseq [[n meth] ms]
(if (:variadic meth)
(do (emitln "default:")
(emitln "return " n ".cljs$lang$arity$variadic("
(comma-sep (butlast maxparams))
(when (> (count maxparams) 1) ", ")
"cljs.core.array_seq(arguments, " max-fixed-arity "));"))
(let [pcnt (count (:params meth))]
(emitln "case " pcnt ":")
(emitln "return " n ".call(this" (if (zero? pcnt) nil
(list "," (comma-sep (take pcnt maxparams)))) ");"))))
(emitln "}")
(emitln "throw(new Error('Invalid arity: ' + arguments.length));")
(emitln "};")
(when variadic
(emitln mname ".cljs$lang$maxFixedArity = " max-fixed-arity ";")
(emitln mname ".cljs$lang$applyTo = " (some #(let [[n m] %] (when (:variadic m) n)) ms) ".cljs$lang$applyTo;"))
(when has-name?
(doseq [[n meth] ms]
(let [c (count (:params meth))]
(if (:variadic meth)
(emitln mname ".cljs$lang$arity$variadic = " n ".cljs$lang$arity$variadic;")
(emitln mname ".cljs$lang$arity$" c " = " n ";")))))
(emitln "return " mname ";")
(emitln "})()")))
(when loop-locals
(emitln ";})(" (comma-sep loop-locals) "))")))))
(defmethod emit :do
[{:keys [statements ret env]}]
(let [context (:context env)]
(when (and statements (= :expr context)) (emits "(function (){"))
;(when statements (emitln "{"))
(emit-block context statements ret)
;(when statements (emits "}"))
(when (and statements (= :expr context)) (emits "})()"))))
(defmethod emit :try*
[{:keys [env try catch name finally]}]
(let [context (:context env)
subcontext (if (= :expr context) :return context)]
(if (or name finally)
(when (= :expr context) (emits "(function (){"))
(emits "try{")
(let [{:keys [statements ret]} try]
(emit-block subcontext statements ret))
(emits "}")
(when name
(emits "catch (" (munge name) "){")
(when catch
(let [{:keys [statements ret]} catch]
(emit-block subcontext statements ret)))
(emits "}"))
(when finally
(let [{:keys [statements ret]} finally]
(assert (not= :constant (:op ret)) "finally block cannot contain constant")
(emits "finally {")
(emit-block subcontext statements ret)
(emits "}")))
(when (= :expr context) (emits "})()")))
(let [{:keys [statements ret]} try]
(when (and statements (= :expr context)) (emits "(function (){"))
(emit-block subcontext statements ret)
(when (and statements (= :expr context)) (emits "})()"))))))
(defn emit-let
[{:keys [bindings statements ret env]} is-loop]
(let [context (:context env)]
(when (= :expr context) (emits "(function (){"))
(binding [*lexical-renames* (into *lexical-renames*
(when (= :statement context)
(map #(vector (System/identityHashCode %)
(gensym (str (:name %) "-")))
(doseq [{:keys [init] :as binding} bindings]
(emitln "var " (munge binding) " = " init ";"))
(when is-loop (emitln "while(true){"))
(emit-block (if (= :expr context) :return context) statements ret)
(when is-loop
(emitln "break;")
(emitln "}")))
(when (= :expr context) (emits "})()"))))
(defmethod emit :let [ast]
(emit-let ast false))
(defmethod emit :loop [ast]
(emit-let ast true))
(defmethod emit :recur
[{:keys [frame exprs env]}]
(let [temps (vec (take (count exprs) (repeatedly gensym)))
params (:params frame)]
(emitln "{")
(dotimes [i (count exprs)]
(emitln "var " (temps i) " = " (exprs i) ";"))
(dotimes [i (count exprs)]
(emitln (munge (params i)) " = " (temps i) ";"))
(emitln "continue;")
(emitln "}")))
(defmethod emit :letfn
[{:keys [bindings statements ret env]}]
(let [context (:context env)]
(when (= :expr context) (emits "(function (){"))
(doseq [{:keys [init] :as binding} bindings]
(emitln "var " (munge binding) " = " init ";"))
(emit-block (if (= :expr context) :return context) statements ret)
(when (= :expr context) (emits "})()"))))
(defn protocol-prefix [psym]
(symbol (str (-> (str psym) (.replace \. \$) (.replace \/ \$)) "$")))
(defmethod emit :invoke
[{:keys [f args env] :as expr}]
(let [info (:info f)
fn? (and ana/*cljs-static-fns*
(not (:dynamic info))
(:fn-var info))
protocol (:protocol info)
proto? (let [tag (infer-tag (first (:args expr)))]
(and protocol tag
(or ana/*cljs-static-fns*
(:protocol-inline env))
(or (= protocol tag)
(when-let [ps (:protocols (ana/resolve-existing-var (dissoc env :locals) tag))]
(ps protocol)))))
opt-not? (and (= (:name info) 'cljs.core/not)
(= (infer-tag (first (:args expr))) 'boolean))
ns (:ns info)
js? (= ns 'js)
goog? (when ns
(or (= ns 'goog)
(when-let [ns-str (str ns)]
(= (get (string/split ns-str #"\.") 0 nil) "goog"))))
keyword? (and (= (-> f :op) :constant)
(keyword? (-> f :form)))
[f variadic-invoke]
(if fn?
(let [arity (count args)
variadic? (:variadic info)
mps (:method-params info)
mfa (:max-fixed-arity info)]
;; if only one method, no renaming needed
(and (not variadic?)
(= (count mps) 1))
[f nil]
;; direct dispatch to variadic case
(and variadic? (> arity mfa))
[(update-in f [:info :name]
(fn [name] (symbol (str (munge name) ".cljs$lang$arity$variadic"))))
{:max-fixed-arity mfa}]
;; direct dispatch to specific arity case
(let [arities (map count mps)]
(if (some #{arity} arities)
[(update-in f [:info :name]
(fn [name] (symbol (str (munge name) ".cljs$lang$arity$" arity)))) nil]
[f nil]))))
[f nil])]
(emit-wrap env
(emits "!(" (first args) ")")
(let [pimpl (str (munge (protocol-prefix protocol))
(munge (name (:name info))) "$arity$" (count args))]
(emits (first args) "." pimpl "(" (comma-sep args) ")"))
(emits "(new cljs.core.Keyword(" f ")).call(" (comma-sep (cons "null" args)) ")")
(let [mfa (:max-fixed-arity variadic-invoke)]
(emits f "(" (comma-sep (take mfa args))
(when-not (zero? mfa) ",")
"cljs.core.array_seq([" (comma-sep (drop mfa args)) "], 0))"))
(or fn? js? goog?)
(emits f "(" (comma-sep args) ")")
(if (and ana/*cljs-static-fns* (= (:op f) :var))
(let [fprop (str ".cljs$lang$arity$" (count args))]
(emits "(" f fprop " ? " f fprop "(" (comma-sep args) ") : " f ".call(" (comma-sep (cons "null" args)) "))"))
(emits f ".call(" (comma-sep (cons "null" args)) ")"))))))
(defmethod emit :new
[{:keys [ctor args env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(emits "(new " ctor "("
(comma-sep args)
(defmethod emit :set!
[{:keys [target val env]}]
(emit-wrap env (emits target " = " val)))
(defmethod emit :ns
[{:keys [name requires uses requires-macros env]}]
(swap! ns-first-segments conj (first (string/split (str name) #"\.")))
(emitln "goog.provide('" (munge name) "');")
(when-not (= name 'cljs.core)
(emitln "goog.require('cljs.core');"))
(doseq [lib (into (vals requires) (distinct (vals uses)))]
(emitln "goog.require('" (munge lib) "');")))
(defmethod emit :deftype*
[{:keys [t fields pmasks]}]
(let [fields (map munge fields)]
(emit-provide t)
(emitln "")
(emitln "/**")
(emitln "* @constructor")
(emitln "*/")
(emitln (munge t) " = (function (" (comma-sep fields) "){")
(doseq [fld fields]
(emitln "this." fld " = " fld ";"))
(doseq [[pno pmask] pmasks]
(emitln "this.cljs$lang$protocol_mask$partition" pno "$ = " pmask ";"))
(emitln "})")))
(defmethod emit :defrecord*
[{:keys [t fields pmasks]}]
(let [fields (concat (map munge fields) '[__meta __extmap])]
(emit-provide t)
(emitln "")
(emitln "/**")
(emitln "* @constructor")
(doseq [fld fields]
(emitln "* @param {*} " fld))
(emitln "* @param {*=} __meta ")
(emitln "* @param {*=} __extmap")
(emitln "*/")
(emitln (munge t) " = (function (" (comma-sep fields) "){")
(doseq [fld fields]
(emitln "this." fld " = " fld ";"))
(doseq [[pno pmask] pmasks]
(emitln "this.cljs$lang$protocol_mask$partition" pno "$ = " pmask ";"))
(emitln "if(arguments.length>" (- (count fields) 2) "){")
(emitln "this.__meta = __meta;")
(emitln "this.__extmap = __extmap;")
(emitln "} else {")
(emits "this.__meta=")
(emit-constant nil)
(emitln ";")
(emits "this.__extmap=")
(emit-constant nil)
(emitln ";")
(emitln "}")
(emitln "})")))
(defmethod emit :dot
[{:keys [target field method args env]}]
(emit-wrap env
(if field
(emits target "." (munge field #{}))
(emits target "." (munge method #{}) "("
(comma-sep args)
(defmethod emit :js
[{:keys [env code segs args]}]
(emit-wrap env
(if code
(emits code)
(emits (interleave (concat segs (repeat nil))
(concat args [nil]))))))
(defn forms-seq
"Seq of forms in a Clojure or ClojureScript file."
(forms-seq f (clojure.lang.LineNumberingPushbackReader. (io/reader f))))
([f ^ rdr]
(if-let [form (binding [*ns* ana/*reader-ns*] (read rdr nil nil))]
(lazy-seq (cons form (forms-seq f rdr)))
(.close rdr))))
(defn rename-to-js
"Change the file extension from .cljs to .js. Takes a File or a
String. Always returns a String."
(clojure.string/replace file-str #"\.cljs$" ".js"))
(defn mkdirs
"Create all parent directories for the passed file."
[^ f]
(.mkdirs (.getParentFile (.getCanonicalFile f))))
(defmacro with-core-cljs
"Ensure that core.cljs has been loaded."
[& body]
`(do (when-not (:defs (get @ana/namespaces 'cljs.core))
(ana/analyze-file "cljs/core.cljs"))
(defn compile-file* [src dest]
(with-open [out ^ (io/make-writer dest {})]
(binding [*out* out
ana/*cljs-ns* 'cljs.user
ana/*cljs-file* (.getPath ^ src)
*data-readers* tags/*cljs-data-readers*
*position* (atom [0 0])
*emitted-provides* (atom #{})]
(loop [forms (forms-seq src)
ns-name nil
deps nil]
(if (seq forms)
(let [env (ana/empty-env)
ast (ana/analyze env (first forms))]
(do (emit ast)
(if (= (:op ast) :ns)
(recur (rest forms) (:name ast) (merge (:uses ast) (:requires ast)))
(recur (rest forms) ns-name deps))))
{:ns (or ns-name 'cljs.user)
:provides [ns-name]
:requires (if (= ns-name 'cljs.core) (set (vals deps)) (conj (set (vals deps)) 'cljs.core))
:file dest}))))))
(defn requires-compilation?
"Return true if the src file requires compilation."
[^ src ^ dest]
(or (not (.exists dest))
(> (.lastModified src) (.lastModified dest))))
(defn parse-ns [src dest]
(binding [ana/*cljs-ns* 'cljs.user]
(loop [forms (forms-seq src)]
(if (seq forms)
(let [env (ana/empty-env)
ast (ana/analyze env (first forms))]
(if (= (:op ast) :ns)
(let [ns-name (:name ast)
deps (merge (:uses ast) (:requires ast))]
{:ns (or ns-name 'cljs.user)
:provides [ns-name]
:requires (if (= ns-name 'cljs.core)
(set (vals deps))
(conj (set (vals deps)) 'cljs.core))
:file dest})
(recur (rest forms)))))))))
(defn compile-file
"Compiles src to a file of the same name, but with a .js extension,
in the src file's directory.
With dest argument, write file to provided location. If the dest
argument is a file outside the source tree, missing parent
directories will be created. The src file will only be compiled if
the dest file has an older modification time.
Both src and dest may be either a String or a File.
Returns a map containing {:ns .. :provides .. :requires .. :file ..}.
If the file was not compiled returns only {:file ...}"
(let [dest (rename-to-js src)]
(compile-file src dest)))
([src dest]
(let [src-file (io/file src)
dest-file (io/file dest)]
(if (.exists src-file)
(if (requires-compilation? src-file dest-file)
(do (mkdirs dest-file)
(compile-file* src-file dest-file))
(parse-ns src-file dest-file))
(throw ( (str "The file " src " does not exist.")))))))
;; flex compile-file
(compile-file "/tmp/hello.cljs" "/tmp/something.js")
(slurp "/tmp/hello.js")
(compile-file "/tmp/somescript.cljs")
(slurp "/tmp/somescript.js")))
(defn path-seq
(string/split file-str)))
(defn to-path
(to-path parts
([parts sep]
(apply str (interpose sep parts))))
(defn to-target-file
"Given the source root directory, the output target directory and
file under the source root, produce the target file."
[^ dir ^String target ^ file]
(let [dir-path (path-seq (.getAbsolutePath dir))
file-path (path-seq (.getAbsolutePath file))
relative-path (drop (count dir-path) file-path)
parents (butlast relative-path)
parent-file ( ^String (to-path (cons target parents)))]
( parent-file ^String (rename-to-js (last relative-path)))))
(defn cljs-files-in
"Return a sequence of all .cljs files in the given directory."
(filter #(let [name (.getName ^ %)]
(and (.endsWith name ".cljs")
(not= \. (first name))
(not (contains? cljs-reserved-file-names name))))
(file-seq dir)))
(defn compile-root
"Looks recursively in src-dir for .cljs files and compiles them to
.js files. If target-dir is provided, output will go into this
directory mirroring the source directory structure. Returns a list
of maps containing information about each file which was compiled
in dependency order."
(compile-root src-dir "out"))
([src-dir target-dir]
(let [src-dir-file (io/file src-dir)]
(loop [cljs-files (cljs-files-in src-dir-file)
output-files []]
(if (seq cljs-files)
(let [cljs-file (first cljs-files)
output-file ^ (to-target-file src-dir-file target-dir cljs-file)
ns-info (compile-file cljs-file output-file)]
(recur (rest cljs-files) (conj output-files (assoc ns-info :file-name (.getPath output-file)))))
;; compile-root
;; If you have a standard project layout with all file in src
(compile-root "src")
;; will produce a mirrored directory structure under "out" but all
;; files will be compiled to js.
;;the new way - use the REPL!!
(require '[cljs.compiler :as comp])
(def repl-env (comp/repl-env))
(comp/repl repl-env)
;having problems?, try verbose mode
(comp/repl repl-env :verbose true)
;don't forget to check for uses of undeclared vars
(comp/repl repl-env :warn-on-undeclared true)
(+ 1 2 3)
([ 1 2 3 4] 2)
({:a 1 :b 2} :a)
({1 1 2 2} 1)
(#{1 2 3} 2)
(:b {:a 1 :b 2})
('b '{:a 1 b 2})
(extend-type number ISeq (-seq [x] x))
(seq 42)
;(aset cljs.core.ISeq "number" true)
;(aget cljs.core.ISeq "number")
(satisfies? ISeq 42)
(extend-type nil ISeq (-seq [x] x))
(satisfies? ISeq nil)
(seq nil)
(extend-type default ISeq (-seq [x] x))
(satisfies? ISeq true)
(seq true)
(array-seq [])
(defn f [& etc] etc)
(in-ns 'cljs.core)
;;hack on core
(deftype Foo [a] IMeta (-meta [_] (fn [] a)))
((-meta (Foo. 42)))
;;OLD way, don't you want to use the REPL?
(in-ns 'cljs.compiler)
(import '[javax.script ScriptEngineManager])
(def jse (-> (ScriptEngineManager.) (.getEngineByName "JavaScript")))
(.eval jse cljs.compiler/bootjs)
(def envx {:ns (@namespaces 'cljs.user) :context :expr :locals '{ethel {:name ethel__123 :init nil}}})
(analyze envx nil)
(analyze envx 42)
(analyze envx "foo")
(analyze envx 'fred)
(analyze envx 'fred.x)
(analyze envx 'ethel)
(analyze envx 'ethel.x)
(analyze envx 'my.ns/fred)
(analyze envx 'your.ns.fred)
(analyze envx '(if test then else))
(analyze envx '(if test then))
(analyze envx '(and fred ethel))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :statement) '(def test "fortytwo" 42))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :expr) '(fn* ^{::fields [a b c]} [x y] a y x))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :statement) '(let* [a 1 b 2] a))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :statement) '(defprotocol P (bar [a]) (baz [b c])))
(analyze (assoc envx :context :statement) '(. x y))
(analyze envx '(fn foo [x] (let [x 42] (js* "~{x}['foobar']"))))
(analyze envx '(ns fred (:require [your.ns :as yn]) (:require-macros [clojure.core :as core])))
(defmacro js [form]
`(emit (ana/analyze {:ns (@ana/namespaces 'cljs.user) :context :statement :locals {}} '~form)))
(defn jscapture [form]
"just grabs the js, doesn't print it"
(emit (analyze {:ns (@namespaces 'cljs.user) :context :expr :locals {}} form))))
(defn jseval [form]
(let [js (jscapture form)]
;;(prn js)
(.eval jse (str "print(" js ")"))))
;; from closure.clj
(optimize (jscapture '(defn foo [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x)))))
(js (if a b c))
(js (def x 42))
(js (defn foo [a b] a))
(js (do 1 2 3))
(js (let [a 1 b 2 a b] a))
(js (ns fred (:require [your.ns :as yn]) (:require-macros [cljs.core :as core])))
(js (def foo? (fn* ^{::fields [a? b c]} [x y] (if true a? (recur 1 x)))))
(js (def foo (fn* ^{::fields [a b c]} [x y] (if true a (recur 1 x)))))
(js (defn foo [x y] (if true x y)))
(jseval '(defn foo [x y] (if true x y)))
(js (defn foo [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x))))
(jseval '(defn foo [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x))))
(jseval '(foo 1 2))
(js (and fred ethel))
(jseval '(ns fred (:require [your.ns :as yn]) (:require-macros [cljs.core :as core])))
(js (def x 42))
(jseval '(def x 42))
(jseval 'x)
(jseval '(if 42 1 2))
(jseval '(or 1 2))
(jseval '(fn* [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x))))
(.eval jse "print(test)")
(.eval jse "print(cljs.user.Foo)")
(.eval jse "print(cljs.user.Foo = function (){\n}\n)")
(js (def fred 42))
(js (deftype* Foo [a b-foo c]))
(jseval '(deftype* Foo [a b-foo c]))
(jseval '(. (new Foo 1 2 3) b-foo))
(js (. (new Foo 1 2 3) b))
(.eval jse "print(new cljs.user.Foo(1, 42, 3).b)")
(.eval jse "(function (x, ys){return, 1);})(1,2)[0]")
(macroexpand-1 '(cljs.core/deftype Foo [a b c] Fred (fred [x] a) (fred [x y] b) (ethel [x] c) Ethel (foo [] d)))
(-> (macroexpand-1 '(cljs.core/deftype Foo [a b c] Fred (fred [x] a) (fred [x y] b) (ethel [x] c) Ethel (foo [] d)))
last last last first meta)
(macroexpand-1 '(cljs.core/extend-type Foo Fred (fred ([x] a) ([x y] b)) (ethel ([x] c)) Ethel (foo ([] d))))
(js (new foo.Bar 65))
(js (defprotocol P (bar [a]) (baz [b c])))
(js (. x y))
(js (. "fred" (y)))
(js (. x y 42 43))
(js (.. a b c d))
(js (. x (y 42 43)))
(js (fn [x] x))
(js (fn ([t] t) ([x y] y) ([ a b & zs] b)))
(js (. (fn foo ([t] t) ([x y] y) ([a b & zs] b)) call nil 1 2))
(js (fn foo
([t] t)
([x y] y)
([ a b & zs] b)))
(js ((fn foo
([t] (foo t nil))
([x y] y)
([ a b & zs] b)) 1 2 3))
(jseval '((fn foo ([t] t) ([x y] y) ([ a b & zs] zs)) 12 13 14 15))
(js (defn foo [this] this))
(js (defn foo [a b c & ys] ys))
(js ((fn [x & ys] ys) 1 2 3 4))
(jseval '((fn [x & ys] ys) 1 2 3 4))
(js (cljs.core/deftype Foo [a b c] Fred (fred [x] a) (fred [x y] a) (ethel [x] c) Ethel (foo [] d)))
(jseval '(cljs.core/deftype Foo [a b c] Fred (fred [x] a) (fred [x y] a) (ethel [x] c) Ethel (foo [] d)))
(js (do
(defprotocol Proto (foo [this]))
(deftype Type [a] Proto (foo [this] a))
(foo (new Type 42))))
(jseval '(do
(defprotocol P-roto (foo? [this]))
(deftype T-ype [a] P-roto (foo? [this] a))
(foo? (new T-ype 42))))
(js (def x (fn foo [x] (let [x 42] (js* "~{x}['foobar']")))))
(js (let [a 1 b 2 a b] a))
(doseq [e '[nil true false 42 "fred" fred ethel my.ns/fred your.ns.fred
(if test then "fooelse")
(def x 45)
(do x y y)
(fn* [x y] x y x)
(fn* [x y] (if true 46 (recur 1 x)))
(let* [a 1 b 2 a a] a b)
(do "do1")
(loop* [x 1 y 2] (if true 42 (do (recur 43 44))))
( 1 2 3)
(let* [a 1 b 2 c 3] (set! y.s.d b) (new fred.Ethel a b c))
(let [x (do 1 2 3)] x)
(->> e (analyze envx) emit)
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