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(ns eclj.ns
(:refer-clojure :exclude [load])
(:require #_[eclj.core] ; eclj.core/eval provided during boot
[eclj.env :as env]
[eclj.reader :as reader])
(:import [clojure.lang Compiler RT]))
;;XXX This function (especially :eclj/alias) is a dirty hack.
(defn publish-vars [ns & {:keys [exclude]}]
(doseq [[sym var] (ns-publics ns)
:when (not (exclude sym))]
(let [metadata (assoc (meta var) :eclj/alias var)]
(intern *ns* (with-meta sym metadata) @var))))
(defn parse [[_ sym & body :as form]]
(let [doc (when (string? (first body)) (first body))
refs (if doc (next body) body)
sym (if doc (vary-meta sym assoc :doc doc) sym)
metadata (when (map? (first refs)) (first refs))
refs (if metadata (next refs) refs)
gencls (first (filter #(= :gen-class (first %)) refs))
refclj (first (filter #(= :refer-clojure (first %)) refs))
stmts (if refclj [] ['(eclj.core/refer-clojure)])
stmts (into stmts
(for [[f & args] refs
:when (not (= :gen-class f))]
`(~(symbol "eclj.core" (name f))
~@(map #(list 'quote %) args))))
sym (if metadata (vary-meta sym merge metadata) sym)]
{:name sym
:meta (meta sym)
:statements stmts
:gen-class gencls}))
;;;; Adapted from clojure.core below here.
(defn throw-if
"Throws a CompilerException with a message if pred is true"
[pred fmt & args]
(when pred
(let [^String message (apply format fmt args)
exception (Exception. message)
raw-trace (.getStackTrace exception)
boring? #(not= (.getMethodName ^StackTraceElement %) "doInvoke")
trace (into-array (drop 2 (drop-while boring? raw-trace)))]
(.setStackTrace exception trace)
(throw (clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException.
(.deref clojure.lang.Compiler/LINE)
(.deref clojure.lang.Compiler/COLUMN)
(defn libspec?
"Returns true if x is a libspec"
(or (symbol? x)
(and (vector? x)
(nil? (second x))
(keyword? (second x))))))
(defn prependss
"Prepends a symbol or a seq to coll"
[x coll]
(if (symbol? x)
(cons x coll)
(concat x coll)))
(defn root-resource
"Returns the root directory path for a lib"
{:tag String}
(str \/
(.. (name lib)
(replace \- \_)
(replace \. \/))))
(defn root-directory
"Returns the root resource path for a lib"
(let [d (root-resource lib)]
(subs d 0 (.lastIndexOf d "/"))))
(defn ensure-core []
(when-not (find-ns 'eclj.core)
(clojure.core/require 'eclj.core)))
(defn load-eclj-stream [stream path]
(with-bindings {Compiler/LOADER (RT/makeClassLoader)}
(with-open [stream stream]
(last (map eclj.core/eval (reader/form-seq stream path))))))
(defn load-eclj [name]
(if-let [stream (RT/resourceAsStream (RT/baseLoader) name)]
(let [path (.getPath (RT/getResource (RT/baseLoader) name))]
(load-eclj-stream stream path))
(throw (Exception.
(str "Could not locate EClj resource on classpath: " name)))))
(defn load* [scriptbase]
(let [classfile (str scriptbase RT/LOADER_SUFFIX ".class")
srcs (map #(str scriptbase "." %) ["clj" "eclj"])
class-url (RT/getResource (RT/baseLoader) classfile)
src-urls (remove nil? (map #(RT/getResource (RT/baseLoader) %) srcs))]
(when (> (count src-urls) 1)
(throw (Exception. (str scriptbase " is ambiguous: "
(mapv #(.getPath %) src-urls)))))
(let [url (first src-urls)]
(and class-url (or (not url)
(> (RT/lastModified class-url classfile)
(RT/lastModified url (.getPath url)))))
(RT/load scriptbase)
(not url)
(throw (ex-info "Could not locate class or source file on classpath."
{:files (into [classfile] srcs)}))
(.endsWith (.getPath url) ".eclj")
(load-eclj (str scriptbase ".eclj"))
:else (RT/load scriptbase)))))
(defn check-cyclic-dependency
"Detects and rejects non-trivial cyclic load dependencies. The
exception message shows the dependency chain with the cycle
highlighted. Ignores the trivial case of a file attempting to load
itself because that can occur when a gen-class'd class loads its
(when (some #{path} (rest @#'clojure.core/*pending-paths*))
(let [pending (map #(if (= % path) (str "[ " % " ]") %)
(cons path @#'clojure.core/*pending-paths*))
chain (apply str (interpose "->" pending))]
(throw-if true "Cyclic load dependency: %s" chain))))
(defn load [path]
(let [^String path (if (.startsWith path "/")
(str (root-directory (ns-name *ns*)) \/ path))]
(when @#'clojure.core/*loading-verbosely*
(printf "(eclj.core/load \"%s\")\n" path)
(check-cyclic-dependency path)
(when-not (= path (first @#'clojure.core/*pending-paths*))
(binding [*ns* *ns* ; Because in-ns will set! this.
(conj @#'clojure.core/*pending-paths* path)]
(load* (.substring path 1))))))
(defn load-one
"Loads a lib given its name. If need-ns, ensures that the associated
namespace exists after loading. If require, records the load so any
duplicate loads can be skipped."
[lib need-ns require]
(load (root-resource lib))
(throw-if (and need-ns (not (find-ns lib)))
"namespace '%s' not found after loading '%s'"
lib (root-resource lib))
(when require
(commute @#'clojure.core/*loaded-libs* conj lib))))
(defn load-all
"Loads a lib given its name and forces a load of any libs it directly or
indirectly loads. If need-ns, ensures that the associated namespace
exists after loading. If require, records the load so any duplicate loads
can be skipped."
[lib need-ns require]
(commute @#'clojure.core/*loaded-libs* #(reduce conj %1 %2)
(binding [clojure.core/*loaded-libs* (ref (sorted-set))]
(load-one lib need-ns require)
(defn load-lib
"Loads a lib with options"
[prefix lib & options]
(throw-if (and prefix (pos? (.indexOf (name lib) (int \.))))
"Found lib name '%s' containing period with prefix '%s'. lib names inside prefix lists must not contain periods"
(name lib) prefix)
(let [lib (if prefix (symbol (str prefix \. lib)) lib)
opts (apply hash-map options)
{:keys [as reload reload-all require use verbose]} opts
loaded (contains? @@#'clojure.core/*loaded-libs* lib)
load (cond reload-all
(or reload (not require) (not loaded))
need-ns (or as use)
filter-opts (select-keys opts '(:exclude :only :rename :refer))
undefined-on-entry (not (find-ns lib))]
(binding [clojure.core/*loading-verbosely* (or @#'clojure.core/*loading-verbosely* verbose)]
(if load
(load lib need-ns require)
(catch Exception e
(when undefined-on-entry
(remove-ns lib))
(throw e)))
(throw-if (and need-ns (not (find-ns lib)))
"namespace '%s' not found" lib))
(when (and need-ns @#'clojure.core/*loading-verbosely*)
(printf "(eclj.core/in-ns '%s)\n" (ns-name *ns*)))
(when as
(when @#'clojure.core/*loading-verbosely*
(printf "(eclj.core/alias '%s '%s)\n" as lib))
(alias as lib))
(when (or use (:refer filter-opts))
(when @#'clojure.core/*loading-verbosely*
(printf "(eclj.core/refer '%s" lib)
(doseq [opt filter-opts]
(printf " %s '%s" (key opt) (print-str (val opt))))
(printf ")\n"))
(apply refer lib (mapcat seq filter-opts))))))
(defn load-libs
"Loads libs, interpreting libspecs, prefix lists, and flags for
forwarding to load-lib"
[& args]
(let [flags (filter keyword? args)
opts (interleave flags (repeat true))
args (filter (complement keyword?) args)]
; check for unsupported options
(let [supported #{:as :reload :reload-all :require :use :verbose :refer}
unsupported (seq (remove supported flags))]
(throw-if unsupported
(apply str "Unsupported option(s) supplied: "
(interpose \, unsupported))))
; check a load target was specified
(throw-if (not (seq args)) "Nothing specified to load")
(doseq [arg args]
(if (libspec? arg)
(apply load-lib nil (prependss arg opts))
(let [[prefix & args] arg]
(throw-if (nil? prefix) "prefix cannot be nil")
(doseq [arg args]
(apply load-lib prefix (prependss arg opts))))))))
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