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Converts HTML to Coffeekup markup
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Not fully complete, but still a huge time saver. Tested on dozens of files that only needed minor touch ups after conversion.


npm install -g html2coffeekup

Command Line Usage

html2coffeekup test/simple.html

Example Output (for above usage)

doctype TODO
html ->
  head ->
    title 'A simple test page'
    style type: 'text/css', '.foo {\n        color: red\n      }'
  body '.awesome', ->
    div '#root.super.special', ->
      comment 'This page is rapidly becoming not-so-simple'
      h1 'A simple test page'
      p ->
        text 'With some awesome text, and a'
        a href: '', 'link'
        text '.'
      p '#paragraph_2', ->
        text 'And here is an image:'
        img src: 'fake/source', title: 'not really'
        text 'As well as a disabled select:'
        select disabled: 'disabled', ->
          option 'Oh boy!'
      script type: 'text/javascript', 'console.log("Hello there");\n        console.log("How\'s it going?");'

Public API

convert(html, stream, [options], [callback])

html must be a string.

stream is a "Writable Stream".

options is an optional hash. See next section for details.

callback is optional and passed (error) if something goes wrong.

Supported options:

  • prefix prepends a string to the begining of each element functional call. (default: '')

For example, using the prefix @ would result in @body ->.

  • selectors is a boolean to toggle emitting classes and ids as a first argument to element functions as a selector string (default: true).

For example, when true you get div '#id.cls1.cls2. When false you get div id: "id", class: "cls1 cls2"

  • exports is a boolean or a string name. When truthy, wraps the output in a Node.js style function export. (default: false).

When true you get module.exports = ->. When a "foo" you get = ->

Example REPL Session

coffee> {convert} = require('html2coffeekup')
{ convert: [Function] }
coffee> convert '<a href="">Github</a>', process.stdout, -> console.log 'done!'
a href: '', 'Github'
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