A super simple, in-memory, JS graph database.
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JavaScript Entity Graph

A in-memory graph database for JavaScript data.


  • Entity/Attribute/Value graph-based information model.
    • Schema enforces relationships, provides unique indexes, and validates data.
  • Operates on plain-old JavaScript objects.
    • Hierarchical data is flattened on put and reconstituted on get.
    • Not necessarily just JSON (allows dates, etc).
  • No spooky action at a distance.
    • Every graph operation makes an implicit defensive copy.
    • Many of the benefits of immutability without loss of JavaScript idioms.


This is version 2 with lots of new/improved stuff and is deployed in at least one real product. I'm not personally working on that product anymore, but this version has been pretty stable and useful there, so I don't expect much if any churn. I'm unlikely to consider major feature requests, but bug fixes are still welcome.

See the v1 readme for rationale, background, goals, etc.


This is just a taste. See docs for more details.

let jseg = require('jseg');

let [builder, types] = jseg.newSchema();

builder.entity('Comment', types.Likeable);
builder.entity('Link', types.Likeable);


  attributes: {

    User: {
      name: types.Text,

    Comment: {
      createdAt: types.Time,
      message: types.Text,

    Link: {
      href: types.Key,


  relationships: [

    [[types.Likeable, 'many', 'likers'],
     [types.User, 'many', 'likes']],

    [[types.Comment, 'one', 'author'],
     [types.User, 'many', 'comments', {
       compare: (a, b) => Math.sign(a.createdAt - b.createdAt)



let graph = new jseg.Graph(types);


  type: 'User',
  lid: 'user:brandonbloom',
  name: 'Brandon Bloom',

  comments: [
      type: 'Comment',
      lid: 'comment-1',
      createdAt: new Date('Sat May 21 2016 12:59:48 GMT-0700 (PDT)'),
      message: 'It is kind of weird to like your own comments.',
      type: 'Comment',
      lid: 'comment-2',
      createdAt: new Date('Sat May 21 2016 12:59:51 GMT-0700 (PDT)'),
      message: 'This is a very important comment.',

  likes: [
      type: 'Link',
      lid: 'link-1',
      href: 'example.com',
      type: 'Comment',
      lid: 'comment-1',



console.log(graph.get('comment-1', {depth: 3, json: true}));

console.log(graph.lookup('Link', 'href', 'example.com'));