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A modular testing lib for Clojure.
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Test2 is a modular testing lib for Clojure.

The two major features are its simplicity, and its SPEC (like ring-clojure's spec).

By simplicity, I mean that it builds on basic Clojure concepts instead of inventing its own. For example, tests are just functions that have ^:test in their metadata. This allows tons of flexibility and creativity in how they can be created.

The SPEC breaks it down into different components, allowing you to change out individual parts for alternatives, including but not limited to the test-runner, test-reporter, and assertion functions, without having to switch to another testing lib.


The other day, I started a new project and wanted to write some tests. But I kept going back and forth between clojure.test, midje, speclj, and expectations (among others). Each one had some feature I really needed, but was lacking all the other features I needed.

This aims to solve that problem for anyone needing a Clojure test lib. You might want to swap out your runner, or your reporter, or your definer, or your asserters. But you don't have to change testing libs just to do it. You just add a lib to yor project, that's all.

The goal is that you can extend the lib from the outside to do what you want without having to switch to another lib and rewrite all your tests.


Copy/paste as needed into your project.clj:

:dependencies [[test2 "1.1.0"]]
:aliases {"test2" ["run" "-m" ""]}




There's plenty of ways to Define Tests and Make Assertions. Choose whichever you prefer best.

Run them via Leiningen, which takes some options.

$ lein test2

The default runner and reporter are very plain, but test2 comes with some alternatives, such as a reporter that prints in terminal-formatted color, and a runner that runs test in random order.


See the Extensions section of the wiki for a comprehensive list.

Change Log

  • HEAD

    • Renamed test2.transition to test2.mimic.clojure-test
    • Implemented test2.mimic.clojure-test/{is,testing,deftest}
    • Created test2.mimic.speclj with some skeleton functions <!-- * Created test2.mimic.midje -->
  • 1.1

    • First public release

See the Extensions section of the wiki for a comprehensive list.


Copyright © 2013 evanescence

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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