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A Stupid Assistant in the browser (chrome only) Experimental
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Stupid Assistant

Stupid Assistant is a "siri/alexa" proof of concept I built over a 10 day period - this is the front-end version.

Read more about WHY I did it and see the daily video updates here.

Notes before use:

  • It's not even in alpha...
  • ZERO Dependencies (except dev stuff)
  • Voice recognition is done by Google - so...
  • it's NOT PRIVATE
  • If Recording randomly spots - click the screen. It's a bug

Installing Stupid

git clone
cd bc-stupid-ass
npm install

Running Stupid

npm run dev

Testing Stupid

npm test

Adding your own Commands

src/index.js - this is where you can find all of the commands running for this demo.

Command Examples

A command contains a trigger (or multiple triggers), and a function to call when one of those commands is met. The function must return a promise.

Here's a basic example that will be triggered when it hears what is my name

    triggers: ['what is my name'],
    func() {
        return stupid.say('It's whatever you want it to be')

Asking Questions

    triggers: ['what is my name'],
    func() {
        return stupid.ask('WHat is your favorite color').then((answer)=>{
            return stupid.say(`Oh! I too love the ${answer}`)

Getting Variables from Triggers

    triggers: ['my age is (.*)'],
    func(payload) {
        let age = parseInt(payload.match[0]);
        if(age < 30) {
            return stupid.say("You're a young pup!");
        } else if(age> 30 && age< 60) {
            return stupid.say("Life's catching up to you eh?");
        } else if(age > 60) {
            return stupid.say("Hope you're ready!");
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