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Userchrome.css for Thunderbird 17 to make it yummy and pretty.
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Pretty Bird for Thunderbird 17

Thunderbird 17 userchrome Userchrome.css for Thunderbird 17

Few Notes

  • Only tested with Thunderbird 17 on Linux
  • You'll need to adjust your toolbar buttons to not suck out of the gate
  • It only addresses the main mailbox screen and not other things like Lightening, Add-ons and other sections.


  • Add the userChrome.css to your Thunderbird directory ~/.thunderbird/[uid].default/chrome/
  • - If the chrome folder doesn't exist, create it!
  • - Restart Thunderbird

Getting the exact Look

  • In the main toolbar, remove everything except: New, Get Mail, Reply, Reply to All, Archive, Delete.
  • Set icons to only "icons" and not "icons and text"
  • I like to also have the menu bar hidden (unlike in the screenshot above)
  • Move the search box to the "tab" toolbar.
  • Remove all buttons in the "message view" pane - those are stupid.
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