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Localize Rails demo application
This demo application tries to show you how you can use the current Rails i18n features to localize your application.
It uses current Edge Rails i18n functionality as well as the localized_date plugin
( The tutorials on how to use the features shown in the app are
part of the app itself instead of being shown in a separate blog article.
To set up the Localize Rails demo application you need the following steps:
* git clone git://
* cd i18n_demo_app
* ./script/server
* Fire up your browser and go to localhost:3000 – the index page should be loaded automatically.
This demo app contains examples and tutorials on localizing the following parts of your application:
* Date and Time Formats
* DateHelper (forms)
* NumberHelper
* ActiveRecordHelper (incomplete at this point)
Adding Translations
It's easy to add a translation to this demo app, simply drop your locale file into the config/locales directory. As long as it follows the correct format (see config/locales/en-US.rb) it should all work fine.
Dr Nic Williams - - Australian locale
Fabio Akita - - Portuguese locale
Karel Minařík - - Czech locale
Leandro Marcucci - - Spanish (Argentinean) locale
Masayuki Nakamura - - Content translation, Japanese locale
Prem Sichanugrist - - Thai locale
Simon Tokumine - - Content translation, Japanese locale
Kai Chen - - Chinese locale(zh_CN)
Bugs and Feedback
If you discover any bugs I'd appreciate if you sent me an e-mail to Please include a detailed
description of your problem if you want me to help you.
If you have positive feedback and want to drop me a line that's fine, too! :-)
Copyright (c) 2008 Clemens Kofler <>, released under the MIT license