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Commits on Sep 3, 2008
  1. cleaned up the README

  2. cleaned up unit tests

  3. oh, and routes--I changed routes in the last commit but forgot to men…

    …tion it\n\nI just added some whitespace for this one so I could add a commit message
  4. changed comment_controller to work better with sections\n\nadded befo…

    …re_filter to get @section and changed code to get stories relative to sections
  5. I should have broken this up into several more atomic commits... I'm …

    …still getting the hang of it...
  6. why don`t they make changes to .gitignore automatically added & commi…

    …ted! ? they`re not regular project files
Commits on Sep 2, 2008
  1. added some tests...

  2. flash messages in partial

Commits on Aug 30, 2008
  1. commented out association with :section in story.rb and the bug disap…

    …peared (under the rug for now) and commented out date validation since it's complaining about valid dates, and tested the other validation in story.rb
  2. added validation to Story but can't test because of a bug related to …

    …sections 'Section(#31380870) expected, got String(#113650)' which I think has to do with the association betwen Story and Section and the fact that I have a section field in story...
Commits on Aug 29, 2008
  1. got section tab highlighting working (using a smelly workaround of pu…

    …tting an if statement in the view)
  2. tried to get autocompletion working... but no dice... might switch to…

    … doing it with jQuery earlier than planned... since the supposedly easy solution doesn't work, and jQuery hasn't let me down so far...
  3. added section_id to story and added associations to models (whoops! f…

    …orgot those before!) ... also fixed some problems with the dynamically generated tabs... @sections was not available everywhere... now it is, but in a very WET fashion... refactor that later
  4. got section tabs to be generated dynamically from Section objects (an…

    …d got those to work with some voodoo programming: I did rake db:rollback and rake db:migrate and all the problems went away with no code changes! apparently sqlite hiccupped when it first created the table or something!) but I can't get the dynamic highlighting working for the current section, and haven't gotten the routing working for sections yet, or the finders for sections
  5. just polishing a few details I missed on the last commit: clean up th…

    …e model code a bit, and remove link on story titles ('more' link is sufficient for now)
  6. refactored everything in/using/supporting the date_box partial, so th…

    …at it would work inside a loop of excerpts, and so it would use a fatter model and skinnier controller (removed everything from the controller related to it).
  7. added is_breaking:boolean to Story. (previously added it to _form, 'c…

    …uz I thought it was already in the db)
  8. refactored photos edit and new forms to use _form partial... much ear…

    …lier (commiting out of order)
Commits on Aug 28, 2008
  1. added some fields to story and fixed extract to be text. haven't yet …

    …changed views to reflect this
  2. Commiting initial repo

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